Friday, August 2, 2013

Rock the shorts

Hey Lovelies!!

Have no fear, Camylla is here!
I'm just not used to blogging every single day like I used to anymore. I always thought I had so much to say but then when I have a place to actually say it my mind just blanks out I guess I'm not so interesting after all.

*Balls out crying and hides under the bed. Who hides under the bed? This girl does!

ANYWAYS... Today I actually do have interesting things to talk about. Don't look so surprised, jeez!

I don't remember if I mentioned that

I'm going to Brazil

Can you tell I'm excited? Good. I was hoping the large, bold, colorful letters would do it.

Every time I go I usually have a specific 'look' that I'm going for.Last time I went it was girly dresses and light colors. Fast forward to two years later and my style has changed a whole lot. 

I'm more into that rocker chic look. Darker hues is where its at!! 

So this year my outfits will consist of mostly high waist jeans shorts, simple tops and lots of accessories.

If you're a worldly person you would know that it is actually winter in Brazil. But if you're an even better worldly person than you know that where I'm going in Brazil which is the very, very North is 
HOT! HOT! HOT! There's no such thing as winter there, sort of like good ol' Florida.

I'm linking up with Long distance loving  for her weekly Friday Fancies. I put together four dreamy outfits that makes me wish I was Sabrina the teenage witch and zap all of it into my closet. Actually since I'm dreaming here they could just go ahead and organize themselves into my luggage.

BUT, since I'm not a teenager much less a teenage witch than I'm shit out of luck.
Sunday I'll be going to Aventura mall in Miami where they have an H&M and one of the biggest Forever 21 stores in Soflo. Hopefully I'll be able to get very similar looks for MUCH less! Fingers crossed!! I'll hop back here on Monday and let you know all the goodies I purchased!

I'll hop over on Monday and let you know if I survived the million little heart attacks I know I'll suffer by wanting to and not being able to buy every beautiful thing I set my eyes on.

Rock the shorts

Which outfit is your fave??

Have a great weekend!!! 

Till next time!
Ox, Camylla


  1. brazil!?!? im so jealous! have the BEST time! and dont worry, you dont HAVE to blog everyday.. (i learned that after i had some similar freak outs) xo jillian Stop by cornflake dreams i'm hosting a minted giveaway!

  2. Okay, so first of all, Brazil?! How amazingly awesome is that?! Totally jealous.

    Second of all, I haven't worn a pair of shorts that weren't cut off sweats since.....I honestly can't remember the last time. I'm too old to pull off the ones you have pictured, but I really like the second one with the navy blue and gold. And although I could never in a zillion years wear them without falling flat on my face, I love the mint green shoes.

  3. Have a fantastic time in Brazil!!!!

    I totally only blog a few times a week. I use to blog everyday but I would get way too stressed about blogging. Blogging is suppose to be fun not make you crazy.



  4. i am loving those silver shorts. my friend was wearing something similar last weekend and they looked awesome.


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