Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A trip to last years Christmas


It's been a while since I made a new post, but I havent been feeling very inspired lately... And you would think that since that wonderful holidays spirit is everywhere there is no better time to feel inspired. This is the first time I stopped to think about it, and I'm pretty sure the reason i'm feeling so down is that my family isnt here.

Last year around this time my Christmas tree had so many presents under it, I would be playing Christmas songs all the time, shopping with my mom until late at night, buying new clothe for our Christmas party, baking delicious cookies, staying up late watching movies with my sisters....

This year, I have no Christmas tree up, Presents arent wrapped, No songs, baking, movies, or shopping and it honestly does NOT feel like Christmas is this weekend. It just feels like another week is going by.

As I'm writing this, I'm holding my tears from running down my face, and taking deep breaths in between commas. If you have had to go through this, you know exactly how it feels.

Anyways... Sorry for the sad post, I havent had a chance to get that all off my chest.

A few pictures from our Christmas Last year...

With my mommy and sisters

My sisi's (I had something wrong with my eye all day)

With a few of my cousins

My mommy with the hubs and his family

My sisi with the Renan (Hubby)

Christmas Day we always go back or sometimes just sleep over my grandmas house, and have left overs for breakfast and lunch! hahah

 I really hope this is the first and last year I ever have to spend my Chirstmas without my mom dad and sisters!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Date night + Apple cobbler = amazing

Hey, Hey, Hey!!
I hope all you lovely readers woke up to a beautiful sky and a great breeze outside like I did :)
Last night the hubs and I got home mega late from our date night, so unfortunately I didnt have time to put the recipe post together :(

Last night the hubs and I went on a very well needed date night. We talked, laughed, ate some good food! I had lots of fun. It felt so good to see that it still feels like it did when we first started. The topics never ran out, and the butterflyes were still there!

I had a warm apple cobbler topped with cinnamon ice cream that was off the freakin chain!!!
Of course this morning I started searching for recipes and I found a few. He loved the dessert, so since his birthday is Saturday, {yep, my little baby is turning 23!} I will attempt to make it :)

As I searched and searched I came across this one. Apple crisp II
You see how there is more topphings than apples? Yes! just the way I like it :)
This recipe has 2,682 reviews and they are all good! that has to mean something right?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3 Blessed Years

Hi pretties!!!

It's official! 3 beautiful years have gone by since the hubby and I said "I do" 
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that by the age of 15 I would have found the love of my life. But I did, and these 3 years have been the best years of my life. We have gone through some hard times but it has only made us stronger in the long run. 

Here are our 3 years Anniversary Photo shoot pics! 

Taking the pictures at the library was really fast! Since we couldnt be talking and playing around we went straight to the point. But I'm very happy with how the pictures turned out.
I definitely encourage taking anniversary pictures every year, it helps you see how much you two have changed together and in the future you see how good you looked when you were younger :)

This is our 2 Years Anniversary. 

1 Year Anniversary.

I can see the difference already. I looked way better at 19! heheh 
 I know you guys are tired at looking at pictures of the hubs and I, so tomorrow I'll try to post a recipe :)

In January I want to have a new blog template, so if you any of you ladies design blog templates or know anyone that do, I would love to know! 

Have a Blessed Wednesday <3

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How it all Started

Hello Lovelies!!

So tomorrow is my 3 years Wedding Anniversary!! My goodness how time flies...
I still remember when we both started dating. I want to add a page to my blog called "our love story" but I want it to be from my perspective and one from his, and of course he has not written his yet. But I'll tell him he needs to get on it!

We have been together for a total of 6 years! Thats a long time my friends.

Here goes a short summary of how we came to be together... If you dont like reading I recommend you skip to the bottom and look at the pretty pictures :)

Renan and I first met on a Saturday morning at church {March, 2000} I remember thinking he was American because every time I was around him I only heard him speaking English which I knew nothing about! and I was only 9 so I didnt think much of him.

As years went by Renan wasnt a big part of my life, I dont remember him the first 2 years that I lived here. My memories of Renan starts when I was 12. He would always make fun of me, running away with my hats, calling me fat. I hated him!

At 13 I started growing out of my chubby phase and started dating his best friend! and he liked my best friend. We werent close friends but I would talk to him every once in a while. I dated his friend for approximately 2 years and he dated other girls.
In January 2005 my boyfriend {his best friend} left to Brazil and we broke up. I still didnt look at Renan that way until my mom pointed out that he was really cute. So I started thinking "hmmm he really isnt all that bad" so we started talking and May 13 2005 we started dating.

We dated for 2 years and in December 25 2007 {Christmas DAY} he broke up with me. We didnt talk for 6 months, I didnt even want to look at his face. One lovely Sunday morning I was at the beach with my friends and he shows up with his, I didnt talk to him like usual but after we both went to a friends house.
In the middle of the movie I was watching, I get a text from him asking me to come outside. He tells me that he made such a big mistake and he loved me and all that gooey stuff and a week or 2 later we start dating again {this was some time in May 2008}

 In June we find out my dad bought tickets to Brazil because we were moving back in August. This happened so quickly, We had just started dating. So when Renan said Lets get married I wasnt even 18 yet!  I thought he was crazzyyyy but his dad didnt, he was totally on board with the whole idea.
Well, we looked at rings together, I picked out my favorite one and what seemed like a blink of an eye I was engaged to get married at the age of 17!

Everyone thought I had lost my mind of course. Mostly my friends from school, our family knew how much we loved each other they were just worried about the finacial part. 6 Months went by and December 7 2008 we got married! in February my parents and sisters left to Brazil.

The first year was very hard on us. I was still in High school and Renan was working and going to college, first time in my life that I was far away from my parents, and  his dad had to help us financially....
3 years later, here we are.
Financially stable, and most importantly Happily married, at the ages of 21 and 22! yayy!!! hehehe

I guess that wasnt such a short summary huh?  here goes some pictures from our engagement dinner, wedding, and honeymoon :)

Our engagement dinner

The wedding!

We spent out honeymoon in Keystone Colorado.

I think thats enough pictures for today! hehe

Have a great Tuesday loves!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa...

Hello Lovelies!
I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend!
I had a great one, now relaxing... Not really.

You see, I've been having a problem sleeping lately. As soon as I rest my head in the pillow my allergies start kicking in (At least I believe its allergies) I start coughing and coughing, turning and turning
plus I'm not a bit tired. As soon as I take Benadryl I start getting tired and eventually fall alseep.
Now, I dont know if I'm going to sleep because I stopped coughing or because Benadryl makes you drowsy. My cousin who is a nurse, thinks I might be stressed or anxious which explains my not being tired. But what about my random coughing attack?

I really dont want to be dependent of meds to fall alseep, and I heard allerdy meds makes you retain water, the last thing I want is to look fat! Last night I went to sleep on the couch because I felt bad putting the hubby through this... But I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
So i'll be visiting my doctor this week.

I have so many pictures from my weekend on my phone, and I tried emailing it to my blogger email but that too is giving me some trouble. Anyone else having trouble with putting up your iphone pics?

Lets get to the good stuff shall we?
Saturday night I went to the Christmas Pageant. It was gorgeous! The orchestra, the music, the dancers, the actors.. Everything was great!

On Sunday the hubs and I had our 3 year anniversary Photo shoot at the Library. I cant wait to show you how they came out! But the ones I'm really excited about is the pics we took for our Christmas card!
 B E A UTIFUL! Here are a few... {btw thats our new brick wall :)}

I have a list of 50 people to give Christmas cards to. So I need to step up my game!

Speaking of Christmas... Cant believe I havent made a list yet...

I already got an early Christmas gift from my amazing parents! ...
Aint it pretty? But the one I have is in black. I love it!

So on to my list...
Dear Santa,
Ive been a very good girl this year...

My ultimate wish is to get a 5D Canon Mark II please:)

Thats not all....


A Michael Kors watch would do... Rose gold , horn or the tortoise... I'll accept all three too!

Since I've been exceptionally good... I would like...

a new diamond ring too! the tiffany setting, novo, or soleste. Actually all three would do!

Oh Santa, I would LOVE

Dooney & Bourke Aqua Satchel  since I've been so good, thats the least you could do :)

Now, just to go around and about

Oh, Santa! I made it easy for you. I linked up all I want! Thats it, Thank you!! :)

What are you asking from Santa?