Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Recap & Pinterlicious Mondays

Hello Lovelies!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! This weekend was a little different for me. The hubby went on a biking trip with some friends including my cousins hubby and both of us stayed and had a sleep over at her moms house like we used to when we were younger! It was actually lots of fun, but I missed the hubby!

On Saturday I went to church in the morning and in the afternoon I had lunch at my aunts house. Outside it was pouring rain all afternoon so we decided to look at old pictures together. 

On Sunday it didnt rain hard but it drizzled all day. In the afternoon we went to the mall with my aunt, my cousin and her brothers wife Deise who has 4 adorable kids!

Well that was my weekend. 

Lets get to... Pinterlicious Mondays 

This week I made a Cinnabon Cake. It was one of the first things I pinned on my Food board. 
The cake was no disappointment. It tasted delicious, and just like a cinnabon! 

3 cups of flour
1/4 tsp of salt 
1 cup of sugar
4 tsp of baking powder
1 1/2 cup of milk 
2 eggs
2 tsp of vanilla extract 
1 stick butter, melted 

2 sticks butter, softened 
1 cup of brown sugar
2 tbs of flour
1 tbs of cinnamon 

2 cups of powdered sugar
5 tbs of milk
1 tsp of vanilla 


Add your two eggs in a bowl 

Add the milk

Mix eggs and milk together

Now add the vanilla

add the sugar

Now mix the flour and the baking powder 

The batter will be a little thick but thats okay

melt the stick of butter

Mix it in with the batter. 

Put your cake aside and now lets make the topping 

Time to soften the butter

At first I tried doing that with a mix but then I decided to just use my hands. 

Add the brown sugar
 {Excuse my mess but I dont know how to keep a clean kitchen while cooking}

Add the flour

Add the cinnamon

And voila!!

Drop the topping evenly on top of the cake 

Take a knife and swirl it, mixing it with the batter

Turn your oven to 350f  
Leave your cake in for 25-35 mins 

While the cake is in the oven... Lets make the glaze

In a bowl add the sugar

Milk and vanilla 

Once the cake comes out of the oven it will look deliciously golden!

While the cake is still warm, drizzle the glaze over it

Dessert is on the plate!!

What have you been cookin? Link up your delicious recipe with me :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm bringing Sexy Black!

Hi Loves!! Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Long Distance loving for Friday's fancies.

Untitled #11

As you can see the look I chose for today is a bit gothic.
I find black very sexy when worn right and in the right occasion.
I'm not that into gothic looks, you know the big baggy pants with the extremely dark makeup, spykes on your neck kinda thing. But when it comes to gothic chic, I'm all over it!

I would either top this look off with big bold eyelashes and red lips

Pinned ImagePinned Image

Or smokey eyes and nude lips
Pinned Image

Have a fabulous Weekend Loves!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet my sisters!

Hi Pretties!!

Today I woke up missing my sisters even more then I usually do!

I miss fighting over clothe and pulling each others hair until our head hits the floor, surrendering to Brenda because honestly, she is stronger then me! I miss laughing so hard that we cry, watching movies and commenting through the whole thing, listening to music in the car and singing a long! CONCLUSION
 i miss them!!

So I though I would formally introduce you to them and I wanted to look at some pictures and cry smile a little!

I am the oldest of 3 girls. The hubby came up with something that I think describes us perfectly, we are the sourpatch gummies. Leticia is sour {she could get real moodie} Brenda is spicy {she has this sexy look about her} and I'm sweet {I care too much about other peoples feelings, and am always trying to please others}

 After me comes...

Meet Brenda
18 years old
on her last year of highschool and going to major in International Relations.
Brenda is extremely moodie, stubborn, THE SMART ONE, ALWAYS late, determined, silly, caring, loves talking to old people {creepo} loves working out and shes awesome with the guys! {I even got some pointers from her :)}
HATES taking pictures
LOVES chocolate and anything sweet, great cook, has gorgeous curly hair beautiful almond shaped brown eyes, and everyone says she looks like my mom.
When she talks it sounds like she lost her voice because its so soft and soothing. She has a very unique and sexy beauty. SPICY!

Meet Leticia
She's 16 years old
Still in Highschool and doesnt know what she wants to be yet.
Leticia is the FUN one! loves taking pictures, shes loud, polite, creative, bitchy, ALWAYS the one starting fights, great taste in clothe, loves painting her nails, always worries about everyone {when we go to the mall, she makes sure were always together and wont let anyone run off on their own}
kind, caring, emotional, cry baby, not afraid of anyone, will speak her mind, defends the one she loves, not a fan of chocolates or anything sweet, eats more then anyone I know! {she was always hiding food under her bed} sensitive, beautiful long brown hair, has gorgeous asian looking eyes everyone says she looks like my grandma. She has very strong opinions, can be extremely MOODIE.
Leticia has a very exotic beauty, at least everyone seems to think so! SOUR

You thoughtI was done right? There is one more LADY that I miss SOOOOO much.

Meet Cherry
She is 4 years old
she's the sweetest doggie I've ever met!
shes lazy, girly, a total softy, she swears shes human.
She doesnt lick, bark or anything normal dogs do. She touches you with her paw if she wants attention, she will call you to the door if she wants to go out and pee, she wakes up later then anyone in the house.
Loves to be pet, but hates cuddling, loves sun bathing, taking baths, shes scared of kids, and men. LOVES going out and having fun. She's totally SPOILED!

The 4 sisters!

There are so many more people I'm missing. My mom, dad, grandma, grandp, aunts, cousins, friends
but just talking about my sisters already make me feel a little better, and so lucky to know I have amazing people in my life! So I guess this post was mostly for me. But I hope you enjoyed it too!!

Happy Thursday LOVE