Monday, September 23, 2013

My Fall Fail

Happy Monday!!

So yesterday was the first day of Fall and I don't know if this is my mind playing tricks on me but when I woke up yesterday the weather in South Florida was actually a little cooler than it's normal 90 degree inferno, today it also seems to be a little cooler. So mind, you may play tricks on me all day every day. 

The good procrastinator that I am, has not yet purchased any fall clothes and I don't mean just this year, I mean ever! It just seems like a waste of money to buy sweaters and boots and leggings and scarfs when 99.9% of the time it is burning hot, melting temperature here in Soflo. It rarely EVER gets to the point of having to wear a sweater with a scarf, so what do I do when the rarity comes and it is cold out? That ghetto ratchet girl in me comes out and I pile on all my cardigans, don't freak out, this only happens about once a year. But, since I'm twenty flippin three this year it's time I grow out of my ratchet ghetto winter phase and buy some real fall and winter clothes. I'll just pray that it actually gets chilly here and I get to wear my sweaters and if it doesn't, eff it, I'm still wearing the damn sweaters because I bought it instead of a cute summer dress. If I need to adjust to the weather in soflo and wear my uggs with jeans shorts than so be it. (Let's be real though... How ridiculous is that? every time I see a girl walking in the streets dressed like that I just shake my head and think "Oh baby girl, just go back home and put some flip flops on") So clear warning... If you see me walking the streets dressed like that it's because I just spent $150 bucks in these damn boots and I.WILL.WEAR.THEM!

^^^^ OHMYGOSH I died Laughing!!! 

When I searched google for shorts and Uggs this picture came up. 

What this has to do with shorts and uggs? Ask google, I just thought It was flippin hilarious! 


So now that I brightened up your Monday (You're welcome)
I will link up with Sami for the weekend shenanigans!

Sami's Shenanigans
I will summarize my weekend in one word... Faineant 
aka Lazy (new word for you to add to your vocab)

It consisted of:
-Reading on my new Kindle!!
-Watching TV
-And lots of petting

And now you know folks, I'm a walking disaster when It comes to winter fashion 
and I had a hell of a boring weekend. 
Sorry to overwhelm you with my incredibly extravagant and exciting life. 

Till next time,
OX Camylla.


  1. oh my gosh the uggs and mini jean skirt trend is horrible, it was such a trend when i was in college and i couldn't get into it and the trend needs to die

  2. but for real. ughs need to go away. especially with skirts and shorts.

  3. LOL! I totally used to rock my Uggs with a jean skirt. How dumb was I?! LOL! Thank you for this, I laughed so hard. Happy Friday!
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