Thursday, December 8, 2011

Date night + Apple cobbler = amazing

Hey, Hey, Hey!!
I hope all you lovely readers woke up to a beautiful sky and a great breeze outside like I did :)
Last night the hubs and I got home mega late from our date night, so unfortunately I didnt have time to put the recipe post together :(

Last night the hubs and I went on a very well needed date night. We talked, laughed, ate some good food! I had lots of fun. It felt so good to see that it still feels like it did when we first started. The topics never ran out, and the butterflyes were still there!

I had a warm apple cobbler topped with cinnamon ice cream that was off the freakin chain!!!
Of course this morning I started searching for recipes and I found a few. He loved the dessert, so since his birthday is Saturday, {yep, my little baby is turning 23!} I will attempt to make it :)

As I searched and searched I came across this one. Apple crisp II
You see how there is more topphings than apples? Yes! just the way I like it :)
This recipe has 2,682 reviews and they are all good! that has to mean something right?


  1. That apple cobbler looks delicious! And you guys look so cute in your pictures!

  2. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    stop posting yummy stuff haha
    I AM ON A DIET CAMYLLA!! you gonna kill me haha
    love you



  3. Hey Camylla! I have just given you the Liebster Blog Award! I always enjoy your blog and your pictures! Go check out what it is about on my blog!

  4. mmMm looks delicious! Now I want a slice =]

  5. sounds like a lovely evening :)
    that apple crisp look utterly delicious! xx.

  6. Hi love =)

    TAGGGGGGG ♥ you are it
    go check out my blog
    =) Get in the Christmas spirit

    love ya
    ♥ melina

  7. very very cute pictures!!!

  8. I'm so happy you had a beautiful night~ nothin like falling in love all over again~ I NEED to taste that cobbler and cinnamon ice cream... maybe for our 7 yr ann coming up!

  9. I love date nights like that! Honestly some nights we can barely muster conversations we're so tired.

  10. The apple cobbler looks so good - it's one of my favorites!

  11. What a darling couple you two are! I'm so glad I came across your blog! I'll definitely be checking back...I'm your newest follower. :)

  12. ahhh so sweet you two are!! glad to hear you had an excellent date night and that apple crisp with ice cream of course looks amazing!

  13. That dessert looks incredibly good!! Glad to hear that you two still have the butterflies! :)

  14. Cute post. And that dessert looks amazing!

  15. Awww date night is the cutest! Btw, this desert looks ridiculously delish! So jealous of your taste buds :) Pop by my blog sweetie and enter my fabulous giveaway here:
    Love, Barbie xxx

  16. new follower here! :)
    very cute pictures.
    date nights are always a MUST.

    xo. chelsea

  17. Nothing better than a great apple crisp!!

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