Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An amazing book & and a awesome giveaway!!

Hello Lovelies!!

I've been so happy lately... I wonder why! heheh It's so nice to have my parents over, to wake up and run to their room and jump on the bed! Yesterday when I got home from work my mom had cleaned my room, and I found this on my kitchen..

Man, I love em!!

This morning we woke up early and went for a jog around my lake, were planning on doing this everyday it was just so nice out...


Last week I started reading this book called "Whimsy for Wendys" {Joy Infused Living For Grown Ups}I was honored to be one of the first people to read it since it came out today!

I was immedietely curious to read it just by the name of it.
First thing I thought was fairy tale and love! I should have found out about this book on my birthday! Some woman {including myself} are so scared of aging, and I didnt know why until I read this book. We feel like because were aging and we have resposibilities, bills, family to take care of, that  things are no longer fun!

I speak for myself when I say this, I used to go camping every Thanksgiving and I had a blast! I would dream about November all year long, all of a sudden last year I didnt enjoy it anymore. Things start getting dull, and having fun just seems stupid and like a waist of time.

12 amazing women wrote this book, they each tells us what their whimsy is...
The book starts with Annie Talking about Wendy from Peter Pan, and how in the end the grows old and forgets how to fly. But we dont ever have to forget how to fly "I will age, but I will not go gentle into that good night, I will do so with a bang... Involving polka dots"
they tell us what they personally do to enjoy their life and not just live it, they talk about their own personal experiences.

 "I will Dance like nobody is watching, love like i've never been hurt, I will bless the names I used to curse, for without them I wouldnt be here... And though I'd rather fly beside you, I will fly inspite of you, if need be"

This book is simply amazing, it will cheer anyones spirits up!

"Your life is your greates work of art"

                                         "You have not forgotten how to fly..."

Want it? Well they are giving 1 book away!
here is how YOU can win!
1. Be a follower of my blog {Simply Me}
2. If you win the book, review it on your blog by the date I will tell you!
3. Tweet using the hashtag #whimsyforwendys and tell us what your whimsy is
4. follow @boopboopbdoop
5. post about this giveaway on your blog!
*Please leave a comment telling me that you have done these things! If you dont, you will not participate on the giveaway!

This giveaway will end on Saturday 11/12/11 at 12am
The winner will be announced on Monday 11/14/11

What people are saying:

"With all the wisdom and stories shared from these 12 wonderful women placed in one book, you are like buying assorted candies in one pack." - Cindy Solon

"It's an amazing ebook jam-packed with laughs, love stories, and fun how-tos to get you back to living a life of fun and adventure." - Megan Atkinson

"It’s an invitation to know the Wendys better so we can recognize the Wendy in us and let her fly. It’s permission to reframe who we are by the stories we tell about ourselves. Who wouldn’t be inspired?" - Scrollwork

"Whimsy for Wendys Joy Infused Living for Grownups is a sweet reminder that we can't let adulthood just happen. Fly! Every day is an opportunity to experience whimsy.... joy rising!" - Jacqueline R. Humphrey

"You need this book. You deserve this book!!! While you check out this site I'm going to go PLAY!! Then I'm going to read this book again and highlight more lines. Make more notes on the side. I'm off to be a Wendy!" - Connie Gruning

Go on their WEBSITE and buy yours NOW!


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Happy Wednesday LOVELIES


  1. i follow you love <3

    XOXO ♥
    Melina ♥

  2. those flowers are gorgeous!! what a nice thing sitting pretty in your kitchen

  3. i follow you love and if I win the book, I'll review it on my blog by the date

  4. Love those flowers. And I'm a follower! Always looking for a new and awesome book to read!

    megs [at] Shine On

  5. This flowers are absolutely beautiful! I love having fresh flowers in the house!

  6. This sounds like such a great book! Very inspiring!
    Of course I follow you ;)

  7. Tweeted about the giveaway!

    I guess my whimsy would be I always reward myself if I'm working on a difficult task with either candy, movie or a small trinket to keep me motivated!

  8. Sounds like a fabulous book- thanks for sharing!! Have a great weekend! :D


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