Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm back baby!! ~Thankgiving

Hello LOVELIES! Do you feel my Christmas Spirit? Good, that was my point :) Since I wont be having a tree up in my house this year I thought why not put one up in my blog? Then I found something even better. This layout will be on my blog this month of December.

Anyways.... How have you lovelies been? I've been away for almost a month now... Not away on vacation (unfortunately) just away from my blog. At first when my parents were here it was kind of hard to take time and blog, then after my parents left I got a little depressed and I knew that if I went to write a post it would be a depressing one and y'all dont want that.

Now I'm back baby!! and I'm bringing Christmas with me!

What saved me from my minor depression was having thanksgiving right around the corner!

Thursday I woke up and went straight to the kitchen. There I spent the whole day making some delicious food. My plan was to take pictures of every recipe and blog about it. But as plans go, sometimes they fail. I did manage to take pictures of the most pefect cake ever!! My aunts recipe that If I may say so myself. NAILD IT!

This Thanksgiving I went to one of my best gals house Delfina from My Green Nest. It was really one of the best Thanksgiving Ive had!

So on to the pictures...

Look how gorgeous Our table looked!

Giving Thanks before we start the feast!
Delfina made this gorgeous and delicious turkey

Her sister Victoria made the most delicious bread which im still getting the recipe for it.

Dinner is on the the buffet table. Actually not everything fit there, so people had to go to the kitchen and get more food.

Our dessert. We had apple pie{by me} Chocolate mousse {by Victoria} chocolate cake {by Victoria} Pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese {by Diana}

After all that food we needed some tea to help us digest. So we had tea with Madeleine {by me} and a cake {by me. I'll be sharing the recipe with you tomorrow}

Dinner on my plate. {This is my first plate by the way... I think there was 2 more after this. Only this way could I try everything}

My cousin Pry with Delfinas son, Max.

Oh, some more news... I got my hair done :)

thats me on the left. My hair BEFORE! it looks good there, but my hair was so unhealthy, ans so much split ends.

My hair AFTER
I went lighter, and shorter! It feels so much healthier.

It feels good to be back!

Happy Wednesday LOVE!


  1. Love the new haircut! My hair is as long as yours was on Thanksgiving... I am just not daring enough to try cutting it shorter. Haha, but yours looks so good that maybe I will have too :)

    P.S. That Thanksgiving dinner looks amazing. Looks like you celebrated right!

  2. I love your hair! You look gorgeous! Your Thanksgiving looked amaaaaazing! That table is so pretty, I'm dying over the colours. And the pics of the buffet of food look so perfect!!
    So glad you are back!

  3. Love your hair!! Looks fabulous! The Thanksgiving dinner looked wonderful :)

  4. love the new haircut! the food all looks beyond delicious!

  5. Love the table set up. Very cute!

  6. Love your new holiday blog theme! So festive! Looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving! Glad to have you back!

  7. Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better. The new blog looks great and your new hair-do is simply stunning!

  8. It all looks wonderful!

  9. Beautiful table and love the lighting over top! It's perfect for a nice clean shot with the camera. Nice!

  10. awww love i get so happy when i see you
    two together! =D i wish i had you two
    closer to me .. i would definitely love to
    hang out with you guys!

    looks like you all had fun and the food
    looks super yummy! =D


  11. Both the food and the sitting tables look wonderful!

  12. Oh man... i can't believe i missed al that food!!! kkk... everything looks so yammy! Nice job girls!

  13. Loving your new blog layout and your hair looks great.

  14. I just found your blog, these photos are amazing and I love the table decor. I can't believe how chic it looks with the added pink flowers and table cloth. AND the food looks so delicious. You have a great blog,

    following you now
    I'm a stylist in San Francisco with a fashion blog if you have time to stop by


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