Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby, I'm back!

Hello Lovelies (man I've missed saying that),

I don't know what got to me but after 1 year and 7 months I realized how much I miss the world of blogging. I miss the friends I made through the cyber world, learning new recipes, always being up to date on what is going on in the fashion world. Seriously, my style has taken a huge dip ever since I stopped blogging. My motivation is hiding somewhere and I'm hoping to find it hiding in this wonderful world of blogging.

But honestly my favorite thing about the blog world is that it's like a little time machine. Over the last year I've been on my blog a generous amount of times, I've looked at old pictures, re-lived memories and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Blogging is my little cyber diary where I get to write what is on my mind, share my ideas and special moments, and I have truly missed having my little nook. So Here I am, and I'm here to stay!

Let me update you on a few things that has occurred over the past year. Don't worry, I wont sit here and write a year's worth of news and updates only what will eventually effect my blogging.

First things first, I'm officially an addict. Yep, you read that right I'm an addict people,
I read around 3 books a week!! (AT LEAST). No, I am not playing tricks with your eyes...
3-Books-Per-Week!! Bookaholic anonymous anyone? I'm not ashamed to say it, I'm a lover of all things readable. One would think that with all this reading at least my writing would improve right? or my spelling for that matter but nope, they are both still shitty, but I'm working on it. I'll be posting book reviews, and sharing my favorite reads. If you have any book recommendations for me they are highly welcomed! Also, if you have a book review request let me know, If I haven't read the book I'll probably read it within that week and share my thoughts.
I'm a declared hopeless romantic, so if the book is romance there's a very high chance that this bookaholic has read it.  

Second things second (hehe) I got a puppy y'all. No, not the little fluffy worthless kinds, (not that I have anything against them, because I myself have a poodle and I love her to death!) but a pit-bull puppy. Here I am not playing tricks with your eyes again. Yes, pit-bull puppy and she is the cutest, most lovable little thing in the history of little cute lovable things. She will be all over this page and I mean all up on it and in your face, 'I love this effin dog, can I have it' kind of way. She'll have you so wrapped up in her little paw that y'all will love it as much as my husband does, and that's a shit load of love. Which brings me to the third thing.

                 Meet Silvia (Aka Silvie)  >>>

You may or may not see a tiny bit of profanity on this blog every once in a blue moon. Now, before you say 'Oh, forget this shit. I'm gonna stop following this girl!' Realize that you my friend just said the 'S' word, so don't be a hypocrite and honestly, is cursing really ALL that bad? It's such a great way of expressing ones feelings, I wont be throwing around the F-bomb. I don't want my future kiddos to read this and think their mother is ratchet. But just because I use the 'S' word, the  'B' word, and sometimes the 'F' word doesn't mean I'm not a classy, sophisticated and well educated woman right? Right!  But since I'm a very reasonable person, even though my husband would say other wise and to that I say 'Ditto!' I am willing to compromise. I'm aware that there is such thing as cursing well and cursing badly, I have to admit that I am not the best at swearing. Although my deficiency with the use of profanity has not yet become a problem in my life, I would like to get better at it. But, here will not be the place where I will be openly practicing so you may now let out that breath you were holding. Instead, I will use other dorky, funny words to replace the swearing for the sake of your peace of mind and entertainment.

Here are some I like the most:


Umm... yeah, so thats some of my faves but I'm sure I'll make them up as I go along.
Ok, what number am I on again?.... Oh yeah, 4!

But I think I'll stop for now. I'll gradually update you with the happenings of my life, like I said before I wont bombard you with Info.

My next post will be a book review. So stay Tuned!


  1. Hey Camylla,I like your blog and your puppy is SO cute! I'm leaving this comment here just to suggest that you read the book "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers if you haven't read it yet. It is one of my favorite books and I know you will enjoy it too!
    Emelie Rodriguez

  2. Shut the eff up. Holy crud, I can't believe my eyes. I wondered if you had fallen off the edge of the earth! :)

    So, that dog is the cutest dog EVER. We have a pit-mix. I got her when I was single, foreeeever ago. She's an old lady now and we love her to pieces.

    I LOVE to read, but with three kids, my days don't allow for much anymore. Someday I can be an addict again. I did recently read Reaching: A Memoir, and loved it. And The Shack is one of my faves.

    Okay, enough ramblin' outta me. Glad to see you back in blogland!

  3. I look forward to reading your blog! Love your post! And would love love love to hear about your favorite books lately. Im always looking for something new!

  4. Welcome to the club of book addicts!!!And welcome back to blogging!

    Come by anytime :)

    Spotlights on the Redhead


    1. Thank you!! Went by your blog,
      It's lovely :)


  5. Do you have a GoodReads? I didn't see it on your sidebar, but I don't think my link is there either. *face palm* Though I just added it! Cute puppy!!


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