Friday, July 26, 2013

Get in my Kitchen!

Heey you... Guys!

So I have this thing where no matter which store I go to I immediately head straight for the kitchen goods. For some unknown reason I enjoy buying unnecessary things for my kitchen more than unnecessary and sometimes even necessary things for my self .. Eek 

You must think... "Wow! this chica must live in her kitchen, imagine the wonderful and delicious creations she comes up with using all these cool different gadgets like cupcake hole maker, or all the delicious smoothies she's made in her new mellow yellow cuisinart blender, or all the salads she's peppered with her cool new mint pepper shaker." 

Umm...Yeah, I'm ashamed to admit that I have not actively cooked in years!!! And when I say actively I mean more than once a week and when I say more than once a week I mean something other than pasta or frozen pizza...

Aarghh yesss it's true, I'm a slacker! I'm an embarrassment to all people who believed in my cooking. 

I admit! I did buy a cupcake whole puncher thingy magigy over a year ago and NEVER made a single lonely chocolate filled cupcake. Yes, I did buy a beautiful cuisinart blender over 3 months ago and NEVER made a single thing on it. And yes, I spent Wayyyy too much money on a pepper shaker because It was the perfect shade of mint and NEVER used it! 

But!! (There's always a but) I am hoping, sitting, waiting, wishing that since I now have a place to share my "beautiful" meals I will be motivated to use all my cool gadgets.
Has anyone noticed how high my expectations are for this whole blogging community? Hoping it will miraculously give me a dream closet with all these fashionable clothe and better sense of style, become a chef...
{no pressure bloggers!!} 

My lazy ass is in your hands ... Just saying. 

Back to my point. 
Seems to me that since I will actually attempt to make pretty things in my kitchen I need MORE unnecessary but BEAUTIFUL gadgets! (I like saying gadgets it makes me feel like some sort of kitchen spy)

YES!! Now I have found an excuse for my weird kitchen appliance obsession muaahahahahhahha 

Son-of-a-buisquit-eater! I may need a bigger kitchen. 

Here are some things that I have been flirting with but have not yet scored 
you know you like that analogy ;)

Kitchen Porn


It's like a porno in my kitchen.

Only it's not with naked men and woman.

It's with kitchen utensils, bowls and measuring spoons, dishtowels, food containers, rolling pins.

It's just sooo much better!!

Anyone else getting turned on by this? no? WHATEVER!

Want to buy it all too? here's where you can find these:

And there ya have it folks, I feel like I have justified my obsession! 

Till next time!
Ox Camylla


  1. Such cute picks! I say that cuter kitchen tools would make me more motivated to cook/bake more as well, though I kind of doubt it would work for me :-P
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

    1. Hahah it hasn't worked thus far for me but maybe all I
      Need is a little blogging to get my creative side workin:)

  2. You picked such cute items! I love to cook and bake and cute tools are always a plus :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

    1. Thank you!!
      Well since you already love it your one step ahead add cute appliances and ain't no one stopping you:)

  3. Okay, great. Now IIIIII want to buy it all!!!!! Are you kidding me?! That apron! That butter dish! Those canisters! The sifters! I. Want. Them. Now.

    And part two, if I can't get you excited to be in the kitchen, then all is wrong with the world. It is now my personal mission. Annnnnd, we are smack dab in the middle of a kitchen gut. As in, it's down to the studs as I type. So my work will be a bit more difficult when I'm sharing food eaten off of paper plates, but I have confidence. I WILL make you use that yellow blender. Seriously? How can you NOT want to turn it on and bust out a fresh peach smoothie?!

    1. Hahaha yes!! I knew I wasn't the only one turned on by all that good stuff:)

      Well I know if anyone has the power to get me excited about cooking it is definitely you my friend! With all that good stuff you post everyday? I'll just call it now. I blame you for my future weight gain;)

      And please continuously update us on what's going on in your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is my favorite. And look at you supermom you! Ain't nothing stopping you from making delicious cooking! I wish to be like you when I grow up:)

      Btw has anyone ever
      Told you, you look a lot like Kate Middleton?

  4. I love everything you've picked! It's all so pretty.

    Hannah x

  5. What cute kitchen goodies! Pretty colors and I love the vintage vibe.

    1. Thank youuu!!
      I'm trying to get my kitchen to have a vintage feel but there are sooo many great ideas out there that I get sidetracked sometimes hahah

  6. that apron is so pretty!

  7. hahaha!!!! There is no need to rationalize wanting pretty things in your kitchen! cook or not! adorable finds :)

  8. A yellow ice cream scoop?! Given that two of my favorite things are the color yellow and ice cream, I'm pretty sure I need that in my life!
    grey et al

    1. I must agree with you, My kitchen is mint blue and yellow so you know I had to get that!

  9. ONE of EVERYTHING please! Especially the apron and rolling pin :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower


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