Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogging 101

Hello there lovelies!!

I'm so happy today. I wonder why? Maybe because its FRIDAY BABY!!! And Its Labor Day weekend!! WOOT WOOT!!!
So I got a lot of feedback from you guys with your tips, and do's/don'ts in blogging
{Thank you}.
 I got so much cool and useful information. I hope most of you can read this post, and come out with great ideas for improving your blog, or just keeping up the good work :)

  1. Have a relationship with your fellow bloggies. {Most of you talked about this}"Comments are what keeps bloggers blogging". So show the love and comment on your friends blogs, and check out the people who are always coming by and commenting on yours. 
  2. When someone follows you, make sure you go by their blog and leave a nice comment, thanking them for taking an interest in what you have to say. And if you like their blog, follow them as well {This is called blogging etiquette} {you don't need to feel obligated to follow someone just because they asked you to, or because they followed you. But it wont hurt to go by and see if their blog interests you}
  3. Respond to the comments. This is where you will build the relationship with them. Because one thing will lead to another, and by the time you know, your exchanching phone numbers and texting each other all day. I had a recent post asking how to respond to the comments you left me. So here is how you do it. {Go to your dashboard, settings, comments, then at the bottom of the page it will say "Comment notification email" put down the email address where you want to receive your comment alerts, and when you get them just hit "reply"}
  4. Always include pictures on your posts No one wants to read 3 full pages of text {sorry}
  5. Make sure you have a picture of yourself on the blog People want to be able to put the face with the story, we want to know who we are reading about. {it doesnt have to be a professional picture, we just want to know what you look like}
  6. Make sure your blog is neat {No one likes a cluttered home, same goes for your blog}
  7. Make your blog personal There is such thing as a "cozy blog" for me a cozy blog is one that has a lot of personality {has pictures of your friends, and family} and its not something cold, with no colors.
  8. Remove the word verification for commenting Blogger automatically screens for spam without it. Believe it or not, that word verification can really stop people from commenting on your blog.
  9. Make sure you have your email linked to your profile That way we can respond to your comments. {sucks when we go respond and write a whole paragraph then we suddenly realize 
  10. Don't assume that the people who are reading your post has always been reading your blog If your talking about something you have mentioned on your previous post, put a link to it so people can check it out and understand what you are talking about.
  11. NO automatic music on your blog Not everyone wants to hear music while reading. And some of us are supposed to be doing other things instead of surfing the web, so when you click on someones blog and music just blasts out, that really sucks!!
  12. Add Links to your social media {twitter, facebook, pinterest} were in this blog world to make friends, so of course I want to follow you on twitter {I personally dont have one, which is why I dont have a link}
  13. Make sure you have a good size font and color No one wants to squint and stand 2 inches from the computer in order to read your blog.
  14. Nurture your blog meaning give it some love. Try posting frequently {What happens to a flower when you dont water and give it some love? it dies. Same will happen to your blog, when people come by and there is nothing new, eventually they will stop coming by}
  15. Your posts should always be visible without having to click on the topic {For some reason people dont like it when you have just the topic and you have to click on that in order to read your posts. Were lazy, we want everything right there and then.}
  16. Create a series {wedding wednesdays, designing tuesdays, delicious recipes, monday. you get the picture}
  17. Keep it simple, and be yourself write the way you talk, no need to be all proper but please dont come talking slang, thats a little too much.

    Grow your blog stats, and followers
  1. Join Networks {the blog from, mom bloggers clubbloglovin } and join in the conversation
  2. Join link parties {friday's fancies, what i'm loving wednesdays, oh how pinteresting wednesdays, thankful thursdays} It's a great way to expose your blog.
  3. Blog hop This is so important, when you go to other blogs and leave commants your exposing yourself.
  4. Exchange publicity {exchange buttons, guest post}

I'll be using a lot of these tips on my own blog.
Thank you all for helping me put this post together.I hope this helped!

Since this post is in honor of us newbies. I've decided to post some of my new favorite blogs! These ladies have just very recently started blogging and they are awesome!

My green nest is a blog about a mommy of 3 beautiful kids, trying to make this world a better place by being totally GREEN!

Babbi's world is a blog about a newlywed and physical therapist who has moved from FL to L.A California so her husband can pursue his dream of film making.

If you have time today, pass by these ladies blogs and show it some love <3

I'll try to post some new blogs that I find along the way.
BTW... I finally Got a BUTTON!! So if you want to exchange buttons with me, leave a comment!
{If my button is too big, let me know and I'll re-size it}

Have a happy Friday 
  & a blessed weekend Lovelies!


  1. I love these tips, they are all so helpful!

  2. Great tips, and love that you shared love for some of your favorite new bloggers :)

  3. i think it's so great that you rounded all these up! thanks!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful tips! I am still trying to figure out how to make a button...

  5. All such great blogging tips...a wonderful reference. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Great tips! Thank you for posting :) I took off word verification on mine recently...I always find it much easier to comment without having to type in the silly letters!

  7. Love this so many great tips! I want to add one though even though I don't know how to tell people to fix it (i'm new at all of this). Please have under "comment as" a place to put in the name and url for whatever reason not all computers will let you leave the comment otherwise. I have to go back and pull them up on my phone and I don't always remember. SO i am reading them just can't comment:( Happy Friday!

  8. ah! Yay for a button finally- and yes, resize that big boy for meeee :) I'd love to add you to my blog! :)

  9. I will definitely use some of these tips!

  10. Great tips! I am so tired of word verification and the music usually scares the begeezus out of me! I do like to follow everyone back but I've reached my blogger max. Maybe I need to move on to google reader.

  11. how do you get rid of the word verification? and thanks for the shout out friend! XOXO

  12. LOVE all the blog tips!! Hope you and the hubs have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

  13. Great tips! I think this list is dead on. I read a lot of blogs, like probably too many and I think these are most of the reasons that they are so interesting to me!

  14. this is such a good post!
    thanks so much for sharing!


  15. Great post, but now I feel like I've been doing it all wrong all along!! :/ Time to print this out and try again...

  16. Nice work chica. :o) I'll have to check out the two new ones you recommended.

  17. great tips! I'm following a few that i didn't think about before :)

  18. Thank you so much for all the tips! Very helpful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xx Marie House Chic

  19. great post! i'll have to make sure to link it in my next around the web wednesday post!

  20. I have been reading blogs for a while but just started my own this summer. Kind of on a whim, but I love doing it. However I am still a bit clueless on how to really promote my blog and get more readers. So I will definitely be looking into joining some networks. These are great tips, thank you so much for sharing!

    BTW, #11 happened to me at work. Scared the crap out of me!

  21. great tips and hope you have a great labor day weekend!

  22. Great tips! Woohoo for blogging newbies :) I always love reading your posts.

  23. Great tips...thanks for sharing!

  24. These are some great tips!! And by the way, I love your blog header and background!

    Enjoy your long weekend.

    xo jess

  25. These are SUCH good tips, doll! Automatic music seriously drives me nuts. And so do people who don't respond to comments... I just think that's good manners!
    xo Josie

  26. Camylla, this is AMAZING! I could read this over and over, very well done! Thank you for taking the time to put it together and I think we will all have better blogs because of it. :-D

  27. OMgoodness and thank you so much for mentioning my blog!!!! I have such a long way to go to make it cozy and inviting, but I'll get there a little sooner thanks to your post <3


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