Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My very first AWARD?

Hey yall!!!

Believe it or not... I got an AWARD!! I know who in the world would give ME an award right?? 
{hehe} Well the amazing Melina from Only a flight away did!! 

Whoohooo... I would like to thank my family in Brazil who is always reading and supporting my blog, my hubby Renan whos always irritating me and helps me connect with other married women whos husband are always irritating them, and all of my millions of fans out there... Should I stop now? okay, okay, If I really have to... 

So this is how it works. 
1. I need to thank the award giver 
2. Tell you seven things about me
3. Give this award to my favorite bloggers {up to 15}
4. Let the bloggers know about the award. 

Here goes nothing...

Melina, once again Thank you so much for this award. I know you just recently started reading and following my blog, so for you to feel like I deserve this award is a BIG deal for me. 

SeVeN ThInGs AbOuT mE:
1. full name is: Camylla Bezerra Marinho Leonardi.
3. I have ZERO, NADA, NO piercings. Nope, not even my ears. 
4. Extremely scared of zippers {dont laugh} I get scared of someone else zipping me up and getting my skin.. {Blame my MOTHER} if I see a zipper, I will run the other way! {hehe}
5. Got engaged at the age of 17 and married at 18. And its going great..... {Sometimes}.......{JK}
6. Love watching other people eat. I get more pleasure then if I'm the one eating
7. I have a small obsession with sticky notes. I write EVERYTHING down. Want an example? 
When I get to work I get my sticky notes pad, and write... At 10:30 I will get coffee and use 2 packets of sugar, and 1:00 I will blog for 20 mins, 5:00 I leave work get to the bank at 5:10 take money out of account, put into saving, pass by hubbies job and say hi, be home by 5:45. 
I might be exaggerating a tiny bit, but it goes something like that!

Next up is... Picking my favorite blogs. Easy peasy!! {is that how you spell peasy?... Who cares!}

1. I heart Organizing can you say A M A Z I N G?? How could I have gone so long without knowing her blog. Delfina, I will forever thank you for introducing me her blog!

IHeart Organizing

2. Henning Love I just immediately connected with Meg, shes such a sweet heart.

3. Rindy Mae Same goes for Mindy, we have almost nothing in common, shes a mother of three and extremely creative. I just connected with her, and Love reading her blog!

4. Coral cafe shes just a genuinely nice person, and writes very well!

coral cafe

5. Life of a wife sherry, has such a sweet blog. It's simple and I intriguing
life of a wife

6. OK Lauren I love the way Lauren writes, when I read her blog I dont feel like i'm reading an essay. She's very natural, funny, and witty. 
OK Lauren

And thats THAT!


  1. haha camylla you are adorable!
    you totally deserve it love!

    and i had lots of fun reading your 7
    facts .. i love doritos .. my favorite chips
    and sticky notes ..working in an office
    they are my BFF <3

    haha kisses and hugs


  2. congrats on your award :) i love all of those blogs you suggested. also hate Doritos. especially the smell.

  3. Congrats on the award! You deserve it, you have a wonderful blog! I write my to do list on post it notes and sometimes I write extra big so I can use more of them!

  4. Thanks girl!! Wow I didn't know you got married when you were 18! I also am scared of zippers - I always cave my back in if someone is zipping me up so they don't catch my skin! And your post-it note obsession is totally ok :)

  5. Congrats to you!! Well deserved :)

  6. Yay!!!! Congrats and THANK YOU! I'm the same with zippers - I don't want anyone zipping me up! I'm also afraid I will zip up my kid's skin. Ahhhh, makes me cringe just thinkin' about it!
    No Cool Ranch Doritos? Really?!
    Keep up the good work girlie. :)

  7. congrats camylla and thanks for nominating me, you are the sweetest!

  8. I had lots of fun reading these facts. I love learning weird facts about people!

  9. Why in the world are you hating on Doritos? LOL Only kidding, but I do love that you received your first award!! And no piercings... I just have the one in each ear, but I'm not sure I would have them if my mom didn't have them pierced when I was 3. =)

  10. Congrats on the award, dear- you deserve it! :D

  11. Okay I am FINALLY catching up on my blog feed and I'm sooo honored - THANK YOU!!! I love reading your blog for the very same reason, I feel like you're writing is the way you talk, so it's like you are talking to me when I read every post :) And sorry for my ridiculously late reply, I wasn't even really able to post through my phone so I can 100% relate to your moving madness.

    I too have an obsession with post-its. My office looks like one big post-it explosion. :)


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