Monday, September 19, 2011

Putting my plan in action!

Hello Lovelies!!

I know I've been talking a lot about painting my new apartment and decorating it, but now its time to put all those ideas into action. These pictures im going to show you is not of my apartment, but its another apartment in the same complex, and it looks EXACTLY like mines. Only difference is mine is all carpet, and its 1st floor so no valted ceiling. This is what im thinking of doing with it. But let me know what you think, because I want so much stuff that sometimes they might not even go together

Okay, so this is the view as if I'm looking from my kitchen, I wanted to put up a brick wall behind my couch.

Kind of like this one, but not really. {hehe}

 With a large black and white stretched canvas. {Dont love this one, but I just want you to kind of picture it}

Now, picture a long dining room table with beautiful chairs around it, and a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the middle of the table. What do you think of a darker shade of gray in that end wall with a big vintage golden mirror? {I'm thinking of painting the whole apartment excluding the rooms, a light shade of gray}


Abalone for the whole apartment, and maybe thunder or smoke embers or silver fox for the accent wall?

image 0
image 3
image 1
I found this one

I'm a little iffy about the color scheme I'm choosing. Gray, with touches of gold and the brick walls. What do you guys think??

Have a Blessed Monday!


  1. I LOVE the brick wall idea!! I would love to put one in my place and just glitz it up!!

  2. a brick wall? a big fat YES to that idea, totally love it Camylla adn the pairing of the grey and gold accents totally do it and then take photos so us bloggers can compliment you on your great decorating skills :-)


    :) i am happy for you that you
    get to have fun with your apartment :)

    if you need help with anything just let me
    know i love putting things together and
    picking out colors and chosing decorations!

    i recently posted pictures of my house
    check them out :)


  4. I love the idea of gray on the walls, it's very soothing yet modern! I just found your blog and am following you now--really cute! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. I love love love the grey idea!! It's my favorite right now :) And a brick wall is always A+ in my book!! So jealous, I want to re-do my house ha!

  6. You've got some pretty great ideas a-brewin' here! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. WOW! Love your ideas! I love grey so of course I think you should go with it! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  8. Hi there! Lovely blog. I bought a mirror sort of similar to that a few years back and I love how it makes the room look. I wasn't totally sure but I got a fantastic deal on it so I gave it a shot. Good luck with your decorating!

  9. Oh, I can see it and I love it. The brick wall and the big beautiful mirror you have there are my favorite ideas thus far. Can't wait to see it in effect!!

  10. Good luck!

    I love all of these ideas.

  11. I JUST finished painting the house in gray shades, and so far I LOVEEEE how cozy it feels!! Might I suggest Sherwin William's Jogging Path... it is BEAUTIFUL, we painted our master JP.. it's a perfect light gray that doesn't have any pink/brown/blue undertones!!

  12. I adore the gray! I think it sounds really cute!

  13. Great ideas! You've given me some great ones for my own apartment! Love!



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