Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Post- Henning Love {Shortcut Lasagna}

* Hello Lovelies! Today Meg from Henning Love will be sharing a little bit about her, and teaching us how to make "Shortcut Lasagna" I hope you enjoy her post, and the delicious recipe!


Hi everyone, I'm Meg from henning love and happy to be guest posting for Camylla today. She is just one of the sweetest girls and I love the series she asked me to write about, From My Home to Yours, isn't that a great series title? Anyways, I always look forward to her posts and the nice comments she always leaves :-)

Here is a little taste of my life in CA with my husband and our two dogs. While my husband watches football, and yes I join him from time to time especially to catch up on my fantasy teams. This is a little dish that I created this afternoon, to use up some frozen raviolis, tomatoes and Italian sausage we had. I call it shortcut lasagna.

First I made a really basic tomato sauce. I sauteed some onions and garlic together in my Dutch oven, if you don't have one of these awesome pots, get yourself one seriously it is the greatest!

Once the onions and garlic have softened, I added the Italian sausage and let it brown.

Then I added the 2 1/2 chopped large tomatoes, a can of tomato paste then some pepper, salt,
dried basil and oregano.
While I am chopping and cooking, Kip is always in the kitchen next to me, in the same spot every time, just looking up at me hoping I will "accidentally" drop something to him.

Ok the cuteness is over, back to cooking!

I let the tomato mixture cook on simmer for about an hour.
In the meantime, I sauteed some sliced mushrooms as well.

Once the tomato sauce had cooked enough I added the sauteed mushrooms.

 Then I added the frozen raviolis to the sauce, and then poured everything into a baking dish. I cut up a ball of mozzarella for some extra cheesy goodness and sprinkled the pieces throughout the baking dish and topped it off with a final layer of shredded mozzarella.

Heat up the oven to 350, and pop in the raviolis so the cheese will melt, first top the dish with a layer of tinfoil, then in the last 10 minutes of cooking, remove the tin foil. You can have this meal for dinner that night or reheat the dish for the next day. Add some garlic bread, a side salad and some extra steamed veggies for a yummy meal!
Then after I cooked this dish, I came upstairs to find Kip and Kimbia playing tug-of-war on a new rope I have bought them earlier in the day, very cute!

That is a little glimpse into my life as a wife, mom to Kip and Kimbia and a blogger who is trying to spread some love, food and happiness! Thank you again Camylla for allowing me to take over your blog today, I'd be happy to do it again for you anytime :-)


  1. Wow this look great! I'm not a lasagna fan because of all the work it entails, but this gives me hope! Those pups are adorable. I want to pet them. I have the same dutch oven. Isn't it the best!?

    - Sarah

  2. Love this, my mom used to make a similar baked dish w/ ravioli when I was growing up, thanks for reminding me about it, yum!

  3. Looks delicious and those dogs are super cute, too! Great guest post!

  4. Ooo this recipe looks so yummy! I love Meg, she's so great!

  5. Two of my favorite bloggers in the same place!! Love it :) Lasagna looks yummy!!

  6. MMm...looks delicious. I've been wanting to try a lasagna recip but I feel I may be bad at it. But this recipe looks easy to do. Will have to try it out.


  7. Looks delish. I love reading both of your blogs! Love this collaboration :) Happy Monday!

  8. DEFINITELY going to be trying this one! YUMMY!

  9. MEG YUM!!!!!!!! I'm too immature to have a dutch oven....becuase i laugh every time i hear the words :/

  10. The food looks great! Lol your dog is super cute :)
    kisses from stylemesteph

  11. great recipe!!! so simple, and looks delicious!

  12. oh-my-god
    food looks delicious!
    i am a big fan of lasagna
    and the dogs are adorable haha
    look forward to more recipes love!

    have a good day!



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