Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Choose pretty colors!

Hey yall!!!

I cant thank you enough for all the birthday wishes! It made me feel so special, and loved, you really did turn my day around.
My day just kept getting better and better... Yesterday I won my very first football pool! Now, I think its crucial that I tell you my strategy so you too can have a chance of winning. At my job they are big fans of football, and when football season starts they have a football pool every week. I have NEVER watched football before, therefore I said "No, thank you" when they invited me to participate. They told me that I just need to give $20 and if I win I get $400 so I thought "It wont hurt to try" there was 14 games playing this week, so I started to google the teams and choose by which colors I thought looked better. Turns out my strategy worked, and I WON $400!!!!!! So next time you enter the football pool, choose pretty colors and mascots :)

I also found out that the guy accepted our offer for the apartment we wanted. So, we will be moving September 25 and since I will be very busy, I'll be looking for some guest bloggers!!

Last night I took advantage that it was my birthday, and decided to go watch a chick flick without the hubby annoying me throught the movie... We watched Crazy, stupid, love. And I heard a lot of people saying they didnt really like it, but I LOVED it. Oh, and so did my hubby! Definitely one of my favorite movies now.

As most of you know the Missoni line came out at target today! My lovely friend Delfina went there early in the morning and snatched a pair of flats for me! Isnt she amazing?? I really want some things for my kitchen but she told me everything was gone! there was people coming out with 5 carts full of stuff (GREEDY!) so hopefully they will put out some more things tomorrow!

When you picture Brick walls inside a home, I'm sure you feel a little iffy. Well,I'm determined to get a brick wall in my apartment, and I'm going to prove to you that it can look FABULOUS!

It gives off such a cozy, farm feel, but yet extrmely sophisticated!

Have a blessed Tuesday!!


  1. I love these brick walls! They look fabulous!

  2. I have been really wanting to go see Crazy Stupid Love, I think I will have to make a date day and take my hubby too!

  3. Crazy Stupid Love was really good!

    I just ordered those flats this morning, so cute!


  4. beautiful pictures =)


  5. Exposed brick is MY favorite!! I def want it in my kitchen one day!

  6. LOVE that you won a football pool by picking colors. That's awesome.

  7. Im so glad you had a great birthday! and I really want to see that movie!!!!!!

  8. Awesome - 400 bucks? so cool!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  9. Haha oh wow, I have that SAME strategy for March Madness! Well, sort of. I just pick whatever school I like the best... Sometimes I compare their mascots, sometimes school colors. There are certain teams that never make it past the first round because I kind of hate those schools. I always win my pool :)

    Glad your birthday turned around!! And super excited for your new apartment (and your cute new flats)!

  10. gorgeous photos camylla. and congrats on winning the pot! id be happy to be a guest post for you when you are moving, just email me and let me know if there is a particular topic you want

  11. Congrats on the apartment. That's on my anniversary:) good luck getting it done!

  12. I LOVED CRAZY STUPID LOVE!!!! I just did a post about it today!! It was HILARIOUS!

  13. i am such a fan of exposed brick.

    happy belated birthday, darling!

    i rocked my wristlet all weekend, i love it!

  14. SOOO hilarious that you won the pool by choosing pretty colors. I love it! That's what I would do too. haha....!
    I love brick walls in lofts and apartments, its such a cool look.
    Glad you had a good birthday, too! : )

  15. I love brick walls in a house! I am glad you had a fabulous birthday! And congrats on the new apartment, moving is so exciting!

  16. Pretty Blog!!

    Congrats on winning the $$! That is so awesome. Pretty colors--sounds like a strategy I would use. :)

    I got to Target yesterday in time to snatch a Missoni dress, sweater, tights, and some hair accessories. I'm in love. ;)

    & I LOVE an exposed brick wall! I would love to have one in my home.


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