Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a NEW series ~ and.. Oh, how pinteresting Wednesday

Hi pretties!!

It's still raining here, and I still want to go and put my "Menstrual Clothe" on. Whats my menstrual clothe you might ask? Well its what my husband calls when i'm wearing my confy pants and a big T shirt. He says "Oh, I see you have your menstrual clothe on today" I though that was too funny! {hehe}

Anyways... I wanted to introduce to you a new series that I will be starting on my blog called
 "Pinterlicious ------" I only put Thursday to show you how it would look like. But i'm confused on the date. Any help? What day of the week do YOU think my series should be? I was thinking maybe Monday? Cause then you can do it over the weekend for your family and friends!

We all see those amazing recipes on pinterest and repin the heck out of them! I think I have more pins on my 'food' board then anything else.
So I have decided that every week I'll be posting a recipe from my food board here on my blog!
If you too have awesome recipes and never really made them, this is your time to make it and share with the world! You can link up with me and we can throw a link up party!

Today i'm linking up with The vintage apple for Oh, how pinteresting Wednesdays

My theme for todays link up is Food~guilty pleasure {my food board}

Have a little taste for whats to come on my blog :)

Pinned Image
Are you kidding me right now? OH MY WORD!
{Cookie dough, oreos, brownies, vanilla icecream}

Pinned Image
{Carmelized pecan banana bread}

Pinned Image
{Buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich}

Pinned Image
{Fail proof pizza dough and cheezy garlic bread sticks}

Pinned Image
{Crispy chicken with creamy italian sauce}

Pinned Image
{Vanilla, nutella butterball cookies}

Pinned Image
{Dark chocolate souffle with lime infused cream and lime sugar}

Pinned Image
{Pretzel and M&M chocolate cheesecake}

Pinned Image
Um... Yes I will ATTEMPT to make these
{Burger cupcakes}

Well the hubby LOVES the idea for this new series... I wonder why!
Let me know your thoughts about it.. Do you think its cool, lame, stupid, awesome, coolest thing EVER!

I will start the link-up NEXT WEEK! even though tomorrow i'll have an awesome
Upside Down Banana cake recipe for you, but its not from my pinboard!

BTW if you dont have a Pinterest account just send me an email and I can send you an invite :)

DONT forget to tell me what YOU think the best day for the series would be... Monday, Tuesday, Thursday??

Have a Great Wednesday Lovelies!


  1. I love your new series! I think monday would be a great day! And my boards are the same way I have a million things pinned on food! I did try one of those 6 million recipes and loved it! I am waiting to share it on my blog!

  2. I love this!! I am just learning pinterest and I am loving it! Have a fabulous Thursday!!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  3. One of my friends made the cupcake burgers for one of our football parties. They're seriously amazing!

  4. those hamburgers are awesome! When you make them! be sure to take pictures every step of the way so that you can blog it!

  5. omg the burger cupcakes!
    that looks amazing

    my favorite is the pizza
    and the vanilla nutella butterballs cookies

    can't wait to see the new link up!


  6. Girl, I just love the name of your new series! You are so clever! How about Friday? You can find stuff throughout the week and then post? Can't wait for series!

  7. Those vanilla nutella butterball cookies look FANTASTIC! I need to follow you on Pinterest :)

  8. I vote for mondays so that I can be inspired for the rest of the week ~ can't wait to link up to this one my love! ohhh & I hope to test out most of these creations!!!! those nutella butterball cookies are makin my mouth watahhh :-P'

  9. Yeah, at the rate I pin recipes, there's no way I'll ever get through all of them!!! I did make something off my Fall board today though. The post is up and runnin'. :o)
    Looking forward to your link party! I vote Friday as well. Then we can link up something we've made during the week.
    Whatever day you choose, I'll be here. :o)

  10. Cute idea! Focuses us to do something will all those pinned pics of food :) Ill join in:

  11. I don't even know where to start, I want ALL of this food!!

  12. I think your new series sounds great! I love seeing the foods other people have pinned - they always look so good! And that is hilarious about what your husband said about your clothes!

  13. Those cheese sticks would hit the spot right now!


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