Monday, October 17, 2011

Lovely Weekend and a Wreath

Hello Pretties!!
I hope you all had a relaxing weekend!
I had lots of fun with my friend Fe from Fe's Canvas

On Saturday we had lunch together and at night went to mizner park {a place with restaurants, live music, ice cream shops etc...}

Fe and I having dinner at Uncle Julios

The Hubby :)

Silly Boys

Sloans is a gormet home made icecream shop.  Delicious!

Then Yesterday Fe and I made our wreaths together.
Last week I asked for your help choosing which wreath to make and most votes went to number 5!

This is what I came up with...

Soo... What do you think?
I had so much fun making them... Here is a little tutorial how to make it.


1. Wreath & Hanger
2. Felt & Pretty decorations
3. Hot glue gun, glue & Scissors

1. Take a piece of felt
2. Cut it into a circular shape (The bigger the circle the bigger the flower)
3. start cutting it into a spiral and make it thicker as you go around.
4. Hold the thinnest part in between your fingers and start rolling it {make sure you keep your fingure on the bottom so its nice and even}
5. Glue the side
6. glue the bottom

To make a smaller flower just follow the steps above
but cut it into a smaller square

and you can also get fancy with it by making pretty designs

 Preettyyyy :)

With the hot glue gun glue the flowers any order you would like on your wreath.


After making the wreath I helped Fe make her very first blog! and yesterday she posted about her wreath!
Go show the newbie some love and check out her beautiful wreath here

Kisses from my Super Hero Family <3


  1. you are so cute with your DIY wreath! i think i might have to try my hand at making one. your boys are definitely silly too, looks like you had a great weekend.

  2. looove that wreath! Too adorable. I don't think I have enough doors for the amount of wreaths I keep seeing and wanting to duplicate.

  3. Love the wreath! So cute. Looks like a fun weekend- you and your hubby adorable!

  4. Your glasses are too cute! Love the wreath. Great idea!

  5. The wreath is adorable! I like it even better than the one others voted on you making!

  6. It turned out great! You are so crafty.

  7. The wreath looks so great! I'm inspired to make one now!

  8. Yay! That wreath turned out awesome! So glad you made #5 that was my fave!! Sounds like you had such a fun weekend!

  9. LOVE the wreath! I might have to do my own for Christmas ;)


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