Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pinterlicious Mondays~ Cozy smell of Fall!

Hello Lovelies!!
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!
I had a great time with friends and family...

On Saturday night I went bowling and on Sunday I went to the mall with My cousin Pry and my friend Fe from Fe's Canvas. We went to Yankee Candles and after what seemed like HOURS I finally picked one... At first I wanted something that would be the scent of the house like everyone recognized the smell when they came in my home. But since its fall I decided to stick with a season candle there are A LOT of choices a few of my favorites were...

Autumn Lodge

balsam & cedar

And many, many more! 

After much thought we decided on... 

Autumn Wreath!
 It was just the perfect amount of cinnamon smell, its cozy and totally Fall. I love it!


Without further a do... It's now time for {drum roll, please!}

This weekend I made what I call "Triple goodness" 

My cousin Pry and I

Cookie dough & ingredients on back of box
Brownie mix & ingredients on back of box
Double stuffed oreos 
Hot fudge 

 -Use parchment paper to cover your tray{i'm pretty sure thats not what its called, but I cant remember the right name for it}

-Time for the oreos

A little trick so your brownie is nice and chewy Add 2 tbs of hot fudge to the batter

 Add the brownie batter 

 Put it in the pre-heated oven 350d for 35-45 mins


Link up with me and show me what you've made lately!!

Happy Monday!


  1. I made this over the summer and it was absolutely scrumptious! Now that I see your pictures I'm thinking that I'd like to make it again lol

  2. These look fabulous! I made a potato soup and used a pinterest recipe for my inspiration! Hope it still counts! Again great series!

  3. oh my gosh camylla that looks absolutely amazing! what a great first pinterlicious monday pick! yummy!

  4. Oh my Lord...that looks so darn yummy!!!

  5. I am literally speechless by the sight of that amazing dessert. Awesome! xo style, she wrote

  6. Girl, I made this too. It is amazeballs!! It was so good. Wish I could come over and enjoy some too!!

  7. That looks absolutely DELICIOUS! MMM MMMM MMMMMMM!

    Hope you had a great Monday! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  8. I have this recipe pinned and I totally need to make it. It looks so rich!

  9. Just found and joined your blog. I am also a Brazilian living in NJ, a christian and a nurse!! Right now I am not working, just taking care of my boys, but love your blog, great recipes and pics!

  10. I wish I was having that for dessert tonight! DELISH!

  11. Holy mother, I think I got diabetes just lookin' at the photos. That is some serious dessert!

    I LOVE Yankee Candles. It takes me forever to choose too. I love the McIntosh Apple for fall though And the Harvest one is yummy too. I don't think I've smelled the one you picked. Too many flavors!!!!! :o)

    I linked up the cinnamon rolls.....

  12. Whoa. I giggled when I saw your ingredient shot because each one could be a dessert on its own! The thing that makes me laugh about Pinterest is there will be a recipe for the most decadent dessert or pulled pork, and right next to it will be a picture of a girl with abs that could grate cheese. So many mixed messages!

  13. What the triple goodness!!! I need to try those.


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