Friday, October 14, 2011

Falling in LOVE with fall


Hello Pretties!!! I would like to start off by saying... HAPPY FRIDAY! It's now time for a very well deserved WEEKEND!
 This weekend I have a few projects going on... I'm going to make the wreath where you can still vote for your favorite one here and i'm going to attempt on making a chevron wall for my dining room, Wish me luck :)
Yesterday I told you we were going to find out if my cousin Sabrina was going to have a baby BOY or GIRL...

All 7 of us walked in the room and sat down anxiously waiting to find out the sex of the baby only to find out that the baby was sort of sleepy and had the back turned to us... After Sabrina drank her orange juice, ate some chocolate, walked, hopped, danced she laid back down hoping the baby changed her position and had woken up a little. She did, and we finally found out the sex of the baby....
We are all so excited to have a new baby girl in the family. I cant wait to spoil her rotten!

Guys have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall? I really, really do!
I love the pretty colors, the clothing, the cozy weather...
Drinking hot chocolate next to the fire {who am I kidding, I live in FL}

I'm very excited about the outfit I put together today for..
Falling in LOVE with fall

The patterned shirt just screams out 'FALL' to me, and that coach leather jacket? um yes please!
I had looked at other boots, but I just loved pop of color this UGG boot bring to the outfit, and its extremly confy.
That leather bag from zara is just marvelous {i need to get me one} it goes with pretty much ANYTHING.
Dont own a fedora hat, but deff need to get me one and those glasses just rock my world!

Wouldnt you Rock this?

Have a Blessed Weekend!


  1. yay a girl!

    lovin' the outfit too! :)

  2. Congrats to your cousin!! That's so exciting.


  3. That is so exciting! Congrats to your cousin on her baby girl! Love the outfit as well!

  4. Yay!!!! Congratulations Aunt Camylla!!!!

  5. ooo loving that leather jacket! New follower :)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on the news! Bet you are ecstatic! ;]

    & i love that patterned shirt. awesome choice!
    great outfit!

    have a great weekend

  7. I adore that patterned top! I realized the other day that most of the shirts in my closet are solid colors - might have to go purchase that one (and a few more)

  8. yay! its a girl congrats, i love how all 7 of you went in that baby will be plenty loved!! and i love your outfit, those turquoise boots are hot! and i love the patterned top with the leather jacket

  9. aww congrats to sabrina!

    very cute outfit!

    those turquoise boots .. I FELT IN LOVE WITH THEM!

    my fav color!

    have a lovely weekend hun!


  10. I am so glad I found your sweet blog and I'm now following! Congrats to your cousin! How exciting! I'm loving that outfit, especially the turquoise boots and patterned top!

  11. Congratulations! Girls are so much fun! I want a girl...I'll have to adopt to insure it ;)

  12. Love the outfit! And yay for baby girls...they are the best! ;)

  13. Those are the cutest fall clothes!! My faves are the boots :) And congrats to the baby momma!

  14. congrats! thats very very exciting... wish you all the very best!


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