Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah...

Hello Lovelies!! It's already Wednesday! Are the weeks going by faster and faster or is it just me? I feel like I just linked up with Oh, how pinteresting. No? Okay.

So I was thinking... {my husband always says uh-oh when I say this. hehehe} It's so funny how your life changes once you start a blog, I'm serious, at least mines did. Everywhere I go, or everything I do, I think of you guys. Like yesterday I went to look at a apartment {were moving in the end of September} and the apartment was HORRIBLE! like you wouldnt believe your eyes horrible, I wanted to take some pictures so bad just to show you, but I was embarrassed. And how about when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and all of a sudden you have a good idea for a post? Thats a little weird right?

If you look back at when I started blogging I was doing something completely different then what I do now. Before, everything was very organized. I would start off saying a bible scripture, then I would talk about the book I'm currently reading with my husband {love dare, really good book} then I would talk about my daily founds.

I realized that it was a little too much, and a little boring. Cause like it or not, were kind of entertainers, if your stuff is boring, no one will read it. Lucky for us or at least for me, I love writing about fashion, beauty, food and sometimes I like to just do what I'm doing now... Babble away {sorry!}

I just couldnt sleep that well last night, the hubby is sick, and I kept getting up to make him medicine. Yes, you heard me I said 'make medicine' my family, well mostly both of my grandmas, are a really big fan of home made remedies. Here are couple that really does work.

Sore throat: In a little cup mix, lemon&honey together. Take 2 spoon full every 2 hours. {I did this last night for the hubby, and he woke up feeling better}
Or you can get a tshirt and wet it with hot water, then wet it with some rubbing alcohol, remove the access water from the shirt and leave it very moist. Wrap it around the neck and cover it with a scarf. {Belive it or not, after a few hours your sore throat will go away}

Bruised or swollen: The hubby was riding bike, and he fell on his knee. It got so swollen he could barely walk. So we took a lot of salt and soaked it with vinegar, put it on his knee and wrapped it with a scarf. {it smells really bad}
It sounds weird, yes! But it works!

Enough of me babbling away over here. Lets link up with The vintage apple for Oh, how pinteresting Wednesday.

I L.O.V.E baking, and making pretty things! For some wild reason, I thought about making gourmet cupcakes to sell. But thats not really a reality for me, because it doesnt stop there. I would want to open a very chic and elegant bakery in NYC and the hottest places in the U.S... Thats just a silly dream of mine.
But todays pins will be all about FOOD!!


"Ruffled wedding cake. Amazing!!"
This would definitely be in my bakery!

Almond slivers with raspberries and blue berries as flowers.
This looks so simple, I can totally make it!


rosey cupcakes  @Rosey  you need to learn to make these!

what a great party appetizer idea- hollow out a baguette and stuff it with whatever filling you want
This is awesome as an appetizer for a party.
Hollow out a baguette and stuff it with whatever filling you want.

mini fruit pizza
Mini fruit pizzas, with sugar cookies {Definitely on my bakery}

Pumpkin Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and Salted Carame
                   Pumpkin Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and Salted Caramel
{sooo going on my bakery}
So you thought you could only have funnel cakes in amusement parks? Think again!
You can also make this in your kitchen using this GENIUS recipe, or on my bakery hehe

Yes, I do realize this is the longest post EVER. {sorry, lets not forget, this is where I vent!}


  1. I love all of the pictures of food! Opening a bakery would be SO fun!

  2. These delish food photos are making be super hungry!!! They look amazing. I want that pumpking cupcake :) Good luck with the bakery- you'd be great!

  3. bhahahaa mine always says "OH NO" when i say, "i was thinking that" haahah glad i'm not the only one who hears those words! he always tells me he sees the wheels working in my head! HA!

  4. The fruit pizzas look pretty sweet. =)

  5. Thanks for the home remedies. =)

  6. that very first cake is amazing! and I love the birdie cake for a shower! mmm now i want cake! :)

  7. I'm going to try your sore throat home remedies tonight! I've had one a few weeks that's gotten worse, and preggo = no meds, so I really hope this works for me!

  8. oh my gosh! Now I'm STARVING! P.S. I finally decided to check this "Pinterest" thing out and I'm in LOVE!

  9. I love your pins today! I feel like 1/2 the things I pin are food....I think part of that is that I do work in a bakery so I'm always looking for new inspiration!
    I love your home made remedies...I'm sure I'll be trying the swelling one between now and the half marathon. I think I can handle stinky more than I can handle a full ice bath!

  10. Ahhhh food!! I love how pretty it all is too :)

    And I totally am the same way with thinking about things in relation to blogging now. 99% of the stuff ends up in an unwritten blog in my head, but still!

  11. i just gained my sophomore 30 from looking at all that yummy food! if you open a bakery, which i totally think you should, i would fly all the way to NY to eat at your lovely bakery! :) have a great day pretty lady!

  12. those desserts look amazing camylla, yummy! i am hungry for lunch already. i had a work function for my husband's athletic department yesterday and they had that fruit pizza you posted it was delicious!

  13. I'm so hungry after reading your post. I need food. Haha. Happy Wednesday!

  14. Love this post! You're so right; my thought process totally changed when I started blogging. Now my husband asks me "do we need a picture of this for the blog?" lol

  15. I love the idea of making the fruit cookies I usually make the large fruit pizza will have to do that next time!

  16. Very sweet post! I feel the same way!

    Those cakes look amazing btw!

  17. YES! The weeks are going by super fast! and yes I think I have changed ever since I started blogging, but in a good way (I hope!). Love pinterest!

  18. I am SO with you there: blogging is addicting!! I keep seeing amazing Pinterest posts and am thinking it is about time I get my own account... just awesome! Also, the home remedy thing is incredibly intriguing. I'm battling a sore throat right now and might just have to give that one a try!! Great post. :)

  19. Those desserts look to die for! I love that you "make' medicine. A hawaiian friend of mine said his grandma from Hawaii would always make them cough medicine growing up. I believe her version was lemon and honey with some crown royal!

  20. that funnel cake looks amazingly good!!

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm loving your pins today...especially the bakery items;) I would definitely be coming to your bakery if you had those! Have a happy Wednesday!

  22. Awesome finds! And I never make medicine haha. Those are good ideas though! And where in Brazil are you from? My sister is living in Sao Paulo now!!!! Crazy! Anywho, I'm following your blog and excited to start reading it :)

    Ashley from Sloanbook

  23. I too feel the week is going by so fast. I have such a horrible pinner. I haven't pinned in so long. Ooh a bakery would be nice. Cupcakes are just the best treats. I'm on a schedule when it comes to blogging. I may not be the best at my words but I try and if no one seems to think it's interesting enough to read oh well...LOL!! Well have a great day!!


  24. thanks for your sweet comment! i LOVE your blog background!!! not to mention, all those sweets look SO yummy! i'm your newest follower :)

  25. Yummy pins! :) PS. I just glanced over at your: What I'm Reading section (I'm totally stealing this idea from you several others I've seen do it) and I LOVE Johanna Lindsey books!! A Rogue of My Own is good, but have you read any of the Malory series? If not you MUST they are so good! They are a series that follows a family! You should check them out! :)

  26. love those rose cupcakes!

  27. Definitely pinned the sugar cookie fruit pizzas. I've seen this done with big tartes before, but I never thought about scaling it down.

  28. I was laughing out loud at you getting up to pee and having blog post ideas. I've been known to lay in bed, unable to sleep and have posts running through my head. I've even gotten up and gone to the kitchen to write them down (pretending to get a drink), so my hubby wouldn't think I was nuts. lol Hey, sometimes you forget them in the morning. :o)

    BTW, I tend to be a rambler too on occasion, so no worries. I figure if it's boring, people can scroll through it. lol And yes, it is an ideal place to vent/purge/ramble.

    The home remedies are good ones. I grew up with the honey-lemon as well and now use it for my own kids.
    For colds and congestion, when we were little, my mom would put Vicks all over our backs and chests and then pin a cloth diaper around our neck under our jammies. I'm tellin' ya, it works.

    Love all the pins. I've had the almond flower cake picture saved on my computer for ages. Just a simple, cute idea!

  29. OH EM GEE!

    I totally just wrote that out.. hehe

    Anyways, i LOVE that wedding cake. Gah, i wish i found that beautiful cake when i got married last year! errr.. Now i just want to get married again. FOR THAT CAKE! I hope your hubby feels better <3

    In our sea of love


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