Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy, happy Sabbath

I dedicate my sabbath to just relaxing, and spending time with my hubby,friends, God, with no disruptions from TV and I only listen to Christian songs. As soon as people hear the word "Christian" they immediately think 'lame' but not every Christian song needs to put you to sleep.
My all time favOrite song right now is

MANIFESTO by The City Harmonic

Here are a few of my favorite Christian bands:

Sanctus Real
Francesca Battestelli
The afters

And theirs so many more. The list can go on and on.. But I hope you guys are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am!!
And if you have a little time listen tO the song manifesto and pay close attention to The lyrics, I'm sure it will bring tears to your eyes!!


  1. I dont think so I know that music. I didn't see you at church today. It's really nice though. Miss you! xoxo

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  3. Relaxing on Sundays after church is the best :)


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