Friday, August 5, 2011

Tough cookie!

Hi lovelies!
 So I'm curious, are you a tough cookie?

Or a total softy?

Let me paint scenario for ya.

You and your hubby or boyfriend get into am argument, he gets home from work tired and hungry. Do you make food for him so he can FEEL BAD for fighting with you? Or do you not make food and let him make something himself, or stay hungry and REGRET fighting with you?

I must admit, I'm a tough cookie, Boy you dont want to get me angry cause I feel no mercy!

Here is a confession. About a month ago one of my friends had a birthday lunch on a Saturday and I told the hubby I wanted to go, but he said he didnt. Saturday comes and he puts on his serious face and says he's not going. I told him "if you think i'm making you lunch, your sadly mistaken" So we get home and I make lunch only for myself and he's laying in bed cause he's so hungry, So I bring my plate and eat in bed right next to him{hahahha} I felt really bad after that, so i appologized and all but i still didnt make him lunch.

What would you ladies have done?


  1. Although I feel like doing those kinds of things sometimes - I try not to. My husband & I are both SO stubborn that it would come back to get me in the end. Lately, I been taking the super nice stance and surprisingly it's been way more effective... Happy Friday! xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Oh, that is SO wrong - and SO hilarious! lol
    I still cook dinner if I'm mad about something, but if I'm REALLY ticked off, I'll sit and eat in another room or outside instead of at the table.

  3. hmm. i;m a total softy i will say i won't make his lunch or dinner and then i end up feeling bad and make it for him anyways! am i a pushover?

  4. hahahaha this is too funny!! I usually start out as a tough cookie, but by the end I soften up for sure!!

  5. The same exact thing:) I'm a tough cookie almost always!

  6. Yeah I felt really guilty fOr making lunch only for me. that night I apologized and gave him lots of kisses :) but these men need to see that what we want matters too right?? I'm all for girl power baby!!

  7. I totally wouldn't have made him lunch. I'm always the one that wants to prove a point....most of the time though I don't think KB even really notices, so it kinda backfires.

  8. haha that is funny. I can be super super stubborn...he normally caves before I do!


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