Monday, August 22, 2011

Get the celebrity look

We know that most celebrities know what their talking about when it comes to Beauty. First because their face is shown all over the world, so of course they need to look good, and second because they have the money to pay people to tell them whats good and what isnt.

So here are some Celebrities favorite beauty products and beauty tips.

Jennifer Aniston uses this St. Tropez illuminator in gold on her arms and cheeks. 

Kim Kardashian, Uses Sally Hansen Airbrush legs whenever she's showing off her fabulous legs!

The beautiful and ageless Kim Cattrall from SATC uses honey-beige Laura Mercier base.

DEW-DROP SKIN photo | Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes mixes a little bit of her foundation with her moisturizer instead of dumping on  foundation.
 (I love that Idea! I feel like its lighter, and I'm not using heavy makeup!)

KHLOE SOCKS IT TO 'EM photo | Khloe Kardashian
Once a week khloe Kardashian put vaseline on her elbows, knees, and feet to keep them moisturized. 

LOSE THE BAGGAGE  photo | Anne Heche
Make-up artist Nick Barose, uses eyes serum De-puffing eye massage from clinique  Every morning, but she puts them in fridge so its ice cold in the morning. 

I hope you enjoyed the tips! And dont forget you have until tomorrow {Tuesday} 12pm EST to enter the giveaway!!


  1. I not one who applies products in my hair but these ladies are all so gorgeous. Though I wish that Aniston would do something else to her hair then let in down.


  2. Love this beauty roundup! I've used the vaseline trick myself!

  3. Really great tips! I love the idea of mixing foundation with moisturizer! It gives more coverage than tinted moisturizer but is still light and fresh! Love it!
    Also, Vaseline is a wonder product. It's great for everything.


  4. Great tips! I once also tried the moisturizer with foundation, but it doesn't work for me because it tends my skin to get oilier. I think it will work for those who have dry skin.

  5. Ooh, so helpful...although I have yet to master self-tanner...I always just end up looking a tad dirty! xoxo

  6. Whoa good to know!, Now I know why Jen Aniston has such great arms! haha. Thanks! Happy Tuesday!

  7. thanks for sharing! I love hearing celeb beauty secrets.

  8. It's fun to read all the 'secret' tips!

  9. Fun! I always like to read about celeb tips!

    xo Shannon

  10. Great post! I am definitely going to try a couple of these products out! Thanks for sharing.


  11. great post! I love the Sally Hansen leg spray! Glad to hear that I'm in good company.

  12. I feel like my skin is never in good enough condition to wear a tinted moisturizer :( I love the idea of it, but I need more coverage... I have the skin of a teenager, except when I'm pregnant, but I'm not willing to live like a Duggar to have great skin.

  13. I absolutely love Jen Aniston! :) Great post.

  14. This is awesome! You are the BEST for doing this! I'm going to steal Khloe and Jennifer's secret for my wedding.

  15. Airbrush legs....who knew? I've always been too scared to try it because I'm afraid it would look cheap. If it's good enough for Kim's good enough for me!

  16. That was a cool post! I love to see what celebrities use, wear, eat....
    The airbrush legs, now that I would like to try!

  17. Girl....I am loving all your blog posts as of late. :)


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