Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog bonding

Hello ladies!!
I wanted to ask for YOUR help! I'm fairly new to blogging, but I know some of you just recently started. And for the first time someone "unfollowed me" I was SO upset, (can you even do that?) I dont know why it bothered me so much, but it kind of did. Later I got to thinking, who cares? I write this blog to express my feelings, and share my passion.
I cant make everyone be interested in what I write right? Yes, but its always good to know the Do's and Don'ts of blogging! So this is where I come to YOU. I want to dedicate a post to "Blogging Tips & Do's and Don't's"
I'm sure this will help many readers who are curious, and need some blogging tips like myself!

Do you have any blogging advice?
Whats your personal do's and don'ts in blogging?
What do you like to see when you go on a blog? or what do you NOT  like to see in a blog?
What always catches your attention in a blog?
Whats the first thing you look for in a blog?

Even if you dont have a blog, but love to read them. What do you like to see when you go on a blog?

Please if you ladies could email me your answers by Thursday night. I would LOVE to have this post up on Friday!! I cant wait to hear what you ladies have to say!! Thanks in advance!!!

email: camyllamarinho2004@hotmail.com

I need YOU <3


  1. My number one thing is commenting - if you read a post then you should comment on it, they took the time to write it and I'm sure you can find something to say about each one you read. Plus it's jus polite. And also to check out the blogs of people who follow/comment on your blog chances are if they like your blog you prob have something in common and may like their's as well!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. i wouldn't worry too much about people unfollowing - not that this is the norm, but i've unfollowed a few blogs and added them to my google reader instead so perhaps that is what happened!

    i'll have to get back to you with some tips because i have to get to work now and i don't want to just rush and write something quick!

  3. I totally agree with Emily. Comments are what keeps bloggers blogging. As far as the unfollowing, well, that has happened and will probably happen again. Just know that you DO have followers who love your blog and love to comment on your posts! You're a great blogger and those that love your posts will stay followers! It's your page, your thoughts and your style — always remember that! BTW — I emailed you back.

  4. don't worry about people unfollowing you! it happens! Just be yourself and comment on blogs you enjoy reading and they will comment back!

  5. How funny, I just did a post on this after Mandi at Vintage Revivals did one. Here's the link to mine - it leads to hers. Make sure you read the comments on both - it gives more feedback and suggestions.

  6. Great idea for a post! I always heard that the more you comment on other blogs, the more exposure yours will get. I always click through to see who's commenting on mine! Can't wait to read the post when it's up :)

  7. Definitely comment on a lot of blogs and comment back when you can. Will give you exposure. If you take your own photos, become well-versed in photoshop. Fashion posts are always fun as are DIY projects. Hope this helps!

  8. Omg...you and your husband are such a cute couple! And thank you so much for the wedding planning advice... I had mo idea the dress could take that long! Thanks for posting this... I am also new to blogging so these suggestions help! Looking forward to reading more about you!

  9. Excellent idea, I need these tips! Don't worry about the un-follower, you are a fabulous blogger and have us wanting more and more! <3 u

  10. I def agree with commenting! I try and comment as much as I can. Usually I'm pretty good about it. And don't worry about the unfollower, I lovee your blog!

  11. Your blog is precious miss thing! No biggy :)

  12. I wouldn't worry about it, I think it's bound to happen... I think it probably happens a ton right after you finish doing a giveaway. People join to get in on the giveaway, and then unfollow afterwards b/c maybe they weren't gung-ho followers in the first place. The best thing you can do is write from the heart and if the people reading aren't interested, who cares, they probably weren't leaving meaningful comments anyway. It's just like in life, we have people who drop out of our life that didn't really have much of a presence anyway - it's more about quality than quantity and from the looks of it, I think you have some quality readers :)

  13. I had my first "unfollow" a few weeks ago. I have no idea who it was but I was aggravated at first and then, like you, I realized why I'm writing my blog. It's mundane stuff to most, but I hope my kids will get a kick out of seeing how their dad and I lived as newlyweds and how they impact our lives.

  14. I had someone "unfollow" me once. At first I got a little upset and started thinking "what have I done wrong". But only a few days later I suddenly had 3 or 4 new followers, so I realized that it wasn't a big deal and that such a thing can happen to anyone. I appreciate all of my followers and every time I get a new one its still as exciting as my first one :)

    What catches my interest in a blog is first of all the pictures. I also like to read a bit, but not too much. For me the photos are the MOST important thing.

    I also think it is very important to try your best to take your time and comment on other blogs. I get so excited when people comment at mine and I am pretty sure everybody feels the same way.
    Also; I think you should try your best to comment back on the blogs of those who comment on yours.

    Hope you feel a little better now and that this was helpful :)
    Look forward to the post with the "results"!

    xx Marie

  15. personally, i think the best blogs are the most personal ones. you can really tell when someone is being true to themselves and i think people connect with that.

    i read somewhere that you should spend as much time reading and commenting on other blogs as you spend writing your own material. I think that is a good rule of thumb.

    finally, i'm more likely to return to a blog if they are consistent with returning my comments. So i try to reply to every comment someone leaves on my blog, even if it's just to say "thanks for stopping by."

    oh and one more thing- don't stress about it and have fun! post what you want and if you feel like changing something, go for it. It's ultimately for you anyway, right?

    Have a great day!!

  16. That is hurtful... and I am sensitive too! Its been hard getting any followers on my end too. What I try to do is comment to all those that have stopped by and commented on my blog. I also spend (wayy too much) time visiting blogs and reaching out to new people. You have a fabulous blog & nothing to worry about! Chin up & smile! xo

  17. Please don't let the un-follower get you down. It happens to me all the time! I sometimes unfollow people too because I follow them on my google reader instead or because their content might have changed and I don't like where it's heading. Recently though, I followed about 10 blogs and then when I hadn't seen their feeds on my dashboard I went back to check out their blogs and blogger had somehow unfollowed the blogs for me??? I don't know how that happened but blogger is really bad sometimes!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my Christmas blog. If you have time please drop by and visit my main blog, 5 Minutes Just for Me. I just posted about blogging myself!

    Best wishes,

  18. I am SO excited to read this post! I don't know that I have any tips, but I find that I like blogs with pictures and people who I can relate to. So I guess those who write more like they speak are more appealing to me. I like silly anecdotes and just silly bs. I'm probably in the minority though...

  19. I'm sure people have unfollowed me and I just haven't noticed. Not that I don't appreciate everybody, but it's hard to keep track of that (do they email you or something?!). Anyway, I don't plan on leaving your blog any time soon! ;)

    I'd say in terms of blogging etiquette, the LONG posts tend to go unread, and that is hurtful, because those are usually the ones where people are pouring their hearts out. So I say, just because a post is long, doesn't mean you shouldn't read it. These people are your friends! Surely you can spare an extra minute or two to read what they have to say and offer support! That is all. :)


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