Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Living room design

Hey Lovelies! As you all can see i have changed the look from my blog.
I got a little tired of my face on the banner {heheh}

I was looking at apartments today, so of course I got all excited and decided to get some more living room ideas!

When I used to just go home straight from school, I would watch Candice Olsen on HGTV for hours. Now I dont really have time anymore. But she is definitely my favorite Interior Designer. Her designs are so simple, chic, and elegant.

 Love those accent blue walls, I actually have that same exact color as accent wall in my apartment too. This looks so modern but yet confy.

OMG look at that purple/pink/ violet {i have no idea what color that is} wall, it looks amazing! But what I like more about it, is the mirror. Where can i get something like that? 

This living room is more neutral. But i like the mustard and zebra pillows in the couch, the chairs in the dining room, and that puffy ottoman. Plus look at the lighting in this living room, it makes all the difference!

I have a very healthy obsession with pinterest. When I was doing my daily routine this morning, checking out whats new on pinterest, I saw this!
I just HAD to reblog. This is SO me! {hahahha}

Have a Happy Wednesday


  1. i love your new blog look, very chic! those colors go really well together. i love all those living rooms, hard to choose my favorite. which is yours?

  2. I love your new look! And beautiful great rooms! I think the last one is my fav!

  3. I'm LOVING the first photo... The crisp lines and pops of color draw me in. Candic Olson is one of my favorite designers too!

    Let's def follow each other :)


  4. serioulsy cracking up at the "grabbing boobs" quote. so true, at least i do. thanks for stopping over at my blog. had to follow yours since its amazing... i am getting caught up now. excited to read muchhhhh more.

  5. My Favorite room would have to be the second one. That colored wall with the mirror just makes me melt! I LOVE IT!

  6. I LOVE these living rooms!! They're beautiful..

  7. The living rooms are beautiful! I love the colors. The holding the boob thing made me laugh!

  8. Ca your blog is beautiful!!!! Love the colors!!!!!! :)

  9. These rooms are gorgeous! I love how glamorous they feel!

  10. Ooh, I love the reddish wall & the mirror - WOW! And the boob quote is too funny, haha!

  11. such gorgeous inspiration.. thanks for sharing ^^ that wall you mentioned is SO lovely, ohh.. I think that if I could find a mirror like that it would be soooo out of my budget ;) looks like unuque or designer-stuff?
    oh and thank you thank you so much for following me, i'm following back !
    <3 have a lovely weekend.

    xx indie by heart

  12. LOL LOVE the pin at the end!! ditooo!! your new redesign here!


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