Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WILW & Oh, how pinteresting!

Today I'm linking up with What I'm loving Wednesday and with Oh, how pinteresting! It's my very first time linking up with both of them, so I'm little more excited then I should be.
Lets start off with WILW shall we?

I'm loving that today is already Wednesday and were half way through the week.
I'm loving that I've been making SOO many new friends through blogging, and you guys are TRULY amazing!
I'm loving how wonderful and mercyful my God is. I really dont deserve any of the blessings he has been pouring over my family, and yet he does.
I'm loving how happy my hubby is now that he has his car.
I'm loving that my beautiful cousin is pregnant and today I have a photo shoot with her.
I'm loving that today my mother in law made my lunch, so I know I have a delicious meal waiting for me at 12.
I'm loving that my husband finally agreed to get a check up, and he's on way there now. (Why do men have to be so stubborn with these things?)
I'm loving that I know this year I will be spending my christmas and new years with my mom, dad and sisters!
I'm loving my Husband {of course :)}

And now for Oh, how pinteresting Wednesdays! I really tried to do a theme with my pins, but I just liked so many random things, that I thought "Oh, just forget it" Hope you enjoy :)



i wore this exact veil on my wedding, Its put away nicely on my closet. LOVE IT!
I was so happy when I found the picture of this veil! It's the EXACT same one I wore on my wedding, and its hanging neatly on my closet at this moment :) (Picture I found on pinterest is the one on top, my picture with the veil, is the one below)

Cute button cookies.

diy: cork trivet... LOVE!

need new shoes so bad!

Portion Control

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Don't you just love pinterest?! It's so addicting. Love your pics - never heard of either of these to do.

    And that's so cool you're in Boca- you should join our google group I just made for south florida bloggers. We're planning a meetup soon and also going to a conference in Tampa next month- you should check it out:

  2. I love that room layout sheet! How neat! And what a great idea using corks as coasters/hot pads!

  3. the veil is beautiful!

  4. Your layout is adorable! I'm a new follower! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I, too, live in FL! Where are you!

  5. I love that veil. It's amazing...and I love love love those shoes!! I'm your newest follower. Happy Wednesday!!!

  6. Don't you just love new bloggy friends!! LOVE!! Thank you so much for always stopping by my blog. Anywho, that veil is gorg!And how aweseome is that frame layout?

  7. Your veil is incredible! I just stumbled upon your page through another blogger and I love how the blogging community allows us to connect with new people, all over the country (the world really). I'm new to blogging and have already met (in cyberspace) some great ladies. I'll be following, maybe you can stop by my blog as well.

    Liv @

  8. The veil is absolutley amazing! Love that is halfway to friday I live for for friday at 5:01 lol. So glad you put up about God and his blessings I think so many times we take them for granted and we need the reminder so thank you!

  9. Wow - that food separator thingy is cool...
    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway - non-breakable wine glasses and champange flutes - so cool.

  10. love your pins- thx for the comment on my military spouses post- come follow back!

  11. I am having such an "I love God" day too! I mean, I do everyday, but today especially... One of my besties has a daughter who had open heart surgery today and all went well - God has blown all of us away through this little girl's journey. So thankful today :)

    Love your veil - so so beautiful!!

    Also, are those button cookies?! Adorable, I just love them.

  12. Thanks for the comment! Love your blog. I'm your newest follower :)

  13. i love the list you made definitely saying thank you to have a merciful God, He has been making me realize the past day how blessed I truly am thanks to Him and how I need to quit complaining. your pins are great i love those cookie buttons with the ribbon through out so adorable. and the trivet with the cork, cute!

  14. Loving the wine cork board! SUCH a cute idea!

  15. I am in love with your veil!!! It's so beautiful!

  16. Your veil is absolutely stunning! And those flats are beautiful, I have a small obsession with sparkly flats and those bows just push them over the top.

  17. I love love LOVE the veil. So classy!

    I'm also loving the button cookies. What a cute idea.

  18. That is such a gorgeous veil...LOVE IT! :)

  19. thanks for being a follower of mine :) so glad i found your blog, its so cute and your love for God makes it even better! God Bless :)

  20. I love this post! That veil is stunning. And I am loving that we are bloggy friends!

  21. I love that it's Thursday now! It would be great if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think:



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