Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cool colors...

Hey Guys! South florida's weather has been so depressing lately. Next to my desk at work there is a big window and i hear the rain pouring outside i just want to lay down under my convers eat popcorn with nutella while watching sex in the city! hahhaha

So my week has been a little depressing not only because of the weather but dieting just sucks! i realized that food is just such a big part of our lives. Food can change our mood, can change how our day is going... .
For example:
When your sad what do you want to do? EAT
When your happy what do you do? EAT
When your bored what do you do? EAT
Why does our life revolve around food? why does food effect our mood? ugh i hate. All i know is that when ever im on a diet i get extremely moody.

Now I'm not starving myself, I'm only eating healthy. Like today my husband had 4 hot dogs for dinner, and what i had was half of a cooked potato some steamed broccoli and 1 egg. He tells me that I'm trying to lose weight the wrong way. He says that i can eat what ever i want if i just work out. I truly don't believe that. Yes i would love to sit my butt on the couch and eat a whole box of cookies like he does then just go to the gym the next day and burn off the calories. But if Im trying to lose weight i need to watch what i eat AND work out. I must confess i have a gym membership and i have not been to the gym in over 1 month. But i think that just eating healthy and small portions will help me lose weight. The only reason i want to go to the gym is only to be healthier but not because i believe that in order to lose weight i must workout, I do agree that working out helps the process of losing weight. But its not always necessary.

  • Daily Finds: I love cool color pallets. That is actually what color i have in my apartment right now. Its so cozy and chic. I just always like how the browns and blues go together. 


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