Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey everyone,
I am just so excited to be starting this new blog!
some of you might be wondering why I'm making a new one. I decided that my blog will now be only for my photography work. And this one i will be posting new things everyday. For instance, makeup, hair, skin, fashion, recipes, my daily battles and there is just so much that i want to share with you. I really do hope you enjoy it.

Lets start off learning a little about me.
I am Brazilian, a wife (i've been married for almost three years now to an amazing man Renan Leonardi), a daughter (my awesome parents whom i miss oh so much Moises&Jocelma Marinho) the oldest of three girls (gorgeous sisters Brenda&Leticia Marinho), I am college student (studying nursing), I'm also a photographer (check out my photography blog here) and I'm seventh day adventist!

Here is my Amazing Family.

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