Monday, June 27, 2011

Love to experiment!

  • Words of the day: 
Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interest of others.-Philippians 2:4

  • Love Dare: day 12. Love lets the other win. 
Today's dare: Demonstrate love by willingly choosing to give in to an area of disagreement between you and your spouse. Tell them you are putting their preference first.
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! My weekend was really chill...
On saturday the hubby and i stayed home sulking all day. Then at night we went to olive gardens to celebrate My cousins birthday and stayed talking outside with our friends for at least 2hrs.. Since we dont see each other all week we always have so much to catch up on the weekends.
 yesterday I edited photos all morning and in the afternoon we had lunch at chillis then watched cars 2 and Bad Teacher.
Now here comes the movie critique hehehe... So cars 2 was awesome! very good movie, very funny and i would totally go watch it again... actually i might take my little cousin to see it next weekend,.
Bad teacher kind of sucked! the story was of boring and their wasnt really a climax to the story.. So kind of boring wouldnt really recommend it.. 

I love to experience with food and i know i have not posted any new recipes yet but i dont have time to cook!.
Today i decided to make some dinner...
I had really nice big chicken breasts and a delicious recipe idea immedietly came to mind. I started cutting  garlic, onions then i saw some fresh thyme in my fridge so i got that then i got butter and i have some beautiful oranges. So this is what i did... 
I washed the chichen with lime then started to season the chicken.
added salt, paprika(for some color) basil and oregano. 
then i cut up some onions and garlic and put it to cook slowly in another pan with lots of butter. 
when the chicken had nice grill marks on it, i put the cooked onions and garlic on top of the chicken and squizzed 1 orange. Then i added some fresh thyme on top and put it on the oven to cook slowly...
 IT TASTED AMAZING! and looked it too.. So i took a picture :) YUMMM 
Tips: If you try to make it at home, make sure you cover then chicken once you put it on the oven with foil
and the juice that comes out of the chicken you can drizzle on top of the chicken when you serve. 

I have been trying to eat only protein and raw green veggies! It's so hard! but i survived the weekend and thats the hardest part. I ate that chicken with steamed brocolli and it was an amazing dinner!

ANYWAYS... I found some new ideas for my dining room. Want to see? Yay!
I know, i know it kind of looks like the other ones i posted but its not the same ones. These i found at 

  • Daily Finds: What a fun idea!

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