Wednesday, July 13, 2011


BEAUTIFUL ladies of my life. If you are a hard working woman like me (HAH) which i know you all are, you know we deserve some luxury at times. AM I RIGHT?? AMEN TO THAT!

I found these really great deals for facials, massages, manicure&pedicure that i thought to share with you guys. So what im personally doing and i recommend all you ladies to do as well. is you know bribe your hubbies a little. "Hey there most beautiful thing i've ever seen, how about you get me a massage and when i get home, ill give you YOUR SPECIAL massage ;) make sure to wink!

$49 massage or facial

$29 Mani&pedi boutique salon in Miami

$99 massage, facial pool access

Girlies give yourselves a well deserved break and enjoy these promotions!

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