Friday, July 29, 2011

A few question never hurt

Hey lovelies!
I saw a really cool survey full of fun questions about yourself. So i thought to give it a try and share it with you all.

  1. Camylla Bezerra Marinho Leonardi
  2. Born in Picos Piaui, Brazil
  3. Maritual Status Married
  4. Siblings? two younger sisters. Brenda&Leticia
  5. Biggest pet peeve stickers on cars (i hate those cars full of stickers on them. i like it when its nice and clean looking)
  6. Favorite color pink (cliche, i know)
  7. Favorite book Twilight Saga (dont hate!)
  8. Favorite song I dont really have a favorite song. But the song i've been listening to more often then i should is "two is better then one" by Taylor Swift & Boys like Girls
  9. Hobby Photography
  10. Favorite meal of the day lunch
  11. Favorite meal rice, beans, steak and watermelon (yes, i said watermelon! its delicious)
  12. Bad habbit brushing my teeth and not cleaning the sink afterwards (gross i know! my husband hates it!)
  13. The thing my husband does and it bothers me the most, is when he leaves the toilet seat up. (that reminds me of a gross but still funny story. He left the toilet seat up like always, and in the middle of the night i went to pee and i fell in.YEP! i wanted to KILL HIM!)
  14. If i could have dinner with anyone it would be Adele and chelsea from chelsea lately. Those two are hilarious, im sure i would have an awesome time.
  15. Favorite TV shows hoarders, pawn star, two and a hald men, kings of queen.
  16. One thing you would think i like, but i actually hate is reality shows
  17. My happy place is at home with the hubby
  18. People i miss the most family who lives in Brazil, and both my uncles that passed away.
  19. I obsess over making lists. I make lists for everything i do. I wake up in the morning and make a list of what i need to accomplish today.
  20. I started, but never finished writing a book


  1. Lovely answers :)))

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  3. I love Twilight and pink - both are fabulous! How great that you were born in Brazil as well! :)


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