Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Critique?

I'm thinking that maybe i should get a job as a movie critique.
No seriously, Most of my weekends I'm either renting a movie or going to the theater to watch a movie. Since were spending so much money with our trip to Brasil, buying his new car, and moving, watching movies is cheap entertainment!

So last night the Hubby wanted to watch "Captain America" and I wanted to watch "Friends with Benefit"
He hated the idea of going and watching the chick flick, but thats what being married is about, right? RIGHT!

Some friends started watching "Friends with Benefit" with us but left in the beggining of the movie. They thought it was too rated R, and honestly, it was. It wasn't the best movie ever but it wasnt the worst either. Have you ever watched "No Strings Attached?" well its the same idea, but Ashton Kutcher it way hotter then Justin Timberlake thats for sure.

Anyways, the story is about This guy who lives in L.A and the girl that lives in NY is trying to recruit him to work for a magazine. She ends up making up his mind, he goes to live there and she becomes his only friend. She also got dumped in the beginning of the movie, and one day they decide to have casual sex but still become friends [hence "friends with benefits] in the end they fall in love with each other, and stay together. Very predictable.

"Captain America" in the other hand was great! My husband was shocked at the fact that i never read the comics, but i still enjoyed it. The movie is during civil was II, about a kid who wanted to get in the army but never got accepted in. One day he decides to try again and luckily one man decides to say "yes" to him. They end up making a experiment on him, to make him strong, and it works. So he ends up saving a bunch of people and gets the girl! well kind of. He ends up driving a big plane that was heading to new york down so it wouldnt kill anyone. And i think thats all i should tell you or else I'll be ruining it for you all. SORRY!

Okay... Maybe Movie Critique wouldnt be the best job for me. hahhaa

My day was pretty busy. I worked, went to school, gym with the hubby, and made PIZZA!
Okay... I didnt make the dough but i put the sauce, cheese and toppings :) I put tomatoes, Onions, Oregano and a little bit of garlic powder. The hubby was happy and so was my clean kitchen!


  1. So funny - we haven't been to a theater since before The Kid was born. He's five. lol

    That pizza is seriously making my mouth water right now.

  2. Really? well i think you deserve a date night :)

  3. I've heard Captain America is really good from everybody!! I need to go see what I'm missing! and I'm going to watch Friends with Benefits this week! I'm a huge JT fan! ;) You should definitely be a movie critic!! I will be your partner in crime! I LOVE going to the movies!!


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