Saturday, July 30, 2011

Going back in time..,

I hope you guys had a fun Saturday!

I had lunch at my grandmas house today. Since my parents and sisters live in Brazil, I'm here in the US with just the hubby and some family from my dads side. So when ever i go to my grandmas house i feel a little closer to my mom and dad, does that make any sence? maybe its because my grandma babys me and treats me like im a little girl. For some reason i love that!

We had delicious lunch and after my grandma took a big box out of the closet and started showing me pictures of when my dad was little, and pictures of me when i was baby. Honestly, i got a little emotional, Geez im such a girl!

This is baby me...

My parents, before the best thing that ever happened to them... ME :)

I completely forgot to post the link for the "Vocal 7" show that i told you guys about. I really kicked myself in the behind for forgetting it. Really, it was amazing! they sang beautifully. I really, really loved it.

 After it ended, i just went home and watched the old school karate kid.

Tomorrow I'm going to a goodbye/birthday party of a really good friend Becca.

I think i have mentioned before, but her hubby got accepted into the best film school in the country, Its in LA. We will miss them very much. Anyways tomorrow ill post some pictures :)



  1. Have fun with your friend tomorrow! I miss the Karate Kid - such a fun film to watch! ;)

    love the old photos, you are adorable! Just followed love. xo.

  2. You were such a cute little kid! Those pictures are so precious !!

  3. Haha I'm the best thing that ever happened to my parents too!

    You were so gorgeous as a kid, it's no wonder why!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    First red, now pink

    Also, it's jewellery giveaway time!

  4. awww u were such a cute baby! and I gotta love those 80's bangs on your parents haha!


  5. Such a cute baby :) Nice pictures!

  6. Thank you ladies! It was actually the first time I have watched the "old school" karate kid, but i really liked it.
    Arent my parents bangs just awesome? Man, talk about style! hahaha


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