Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looking forward to the little things

I got to thinking, life is so boring. Honestly to live a happy life you need to always be distracting yourself or looking forward to a fun trip, the hollidays or a special event. When ever i wake up like i did today i just try to remember my reason for living in this boring world and my purpose here. But there isnt much in life to look forward to, so we need to look forward and appreciate the silliest little things.

So what i am currently looking forward to is my Saturday [ofcourse] and the fact that i'm finally moving out of my tiny 1 bedroom apartment and into my 2 bedroom. I even forget the fact that i need to paint my apartment back to white... Ugh i decided to paint my apartment every single color of the freakin rainbow! so now i have a lot of work to do painting it back to white!

But i didnt learn my lesson, because im coloring my new apartment again! hehhe

Okay so like i said before, I want my apartment to be "Contemporary Chic" so these are some living rooms that inspire me. Watcha think??

Say WHAT!? I love that coffee table, that giant ceiling light, that beautiful green arrangement, that wooden wall. just WOW
Look at the coffee table with the fire pit in the middle. Genius!
 Really like the round mirror, and the vases!
 LOVE the cool colors.

Tomorrow is cleaning day at my house. So after my apartment is nice and tidy i will take a few pictures to show you guys what it currently looks like, then after i move and decorate it exactly how i want it ill post new pics! :)
Hope these beautiful living room inspired you as well!

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  1. Love ur inspiration rooms! Can't wait to see ur new place!


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