Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a weekend!

Annnddd I'm back! I hope everyone had a great 4th of july. This is my 11th 4th of july here in the United States and I am just so happy to be here :).

I'm not sure if i informed you guys about what i was doing this past weekend.
Well we went to Ocala, thats about one hour away from orlando and its in the middle of nowhere!! Why did i go there? you might ask. Well my husband has a group of friends including his parents and brother that ride bike as a hobby. Well they say its a hobby but they ride as if their training for a freakin marathon of some sort. Anyways from the beginning i had told Renan (my husband) that i was not physically and i must add mentally prepared to ride my bike for 50 freakin miles (a little exageration, but it was close to that).
So what happened was, like the good wife that i am, i ended up going. We arrived on saturday afternoon, had lunch and they already prepared themselves to go on the trails, i said fine i'll ride with you guys today. a little side note: they had told me that on saturday they would be just joy riding and we would go slow. So i put on my helmet (mandatory) got my water and i was ready to go. Let me just inform you before i go on with this that i am PMS-ING! yes, on the verge of being on my time of the month. So my back was in pain and i had cramps. As we start the trail there is a big sign that says "becareful for bears" I said WHAT? i'm turning around right this instance, but i didnt im not going to pussy out now, so i kept going. First mile i was fine i was keeping up with everyone and i was so proud of myself. Second mile they started going a little faster and i tried to keep up but at times i got left behind. Third mile, i started to complain. My back was in pain, my stomach was killing me and my heart was beating so hard that i felt like it was going to explode, i just couldnt do it anymore. But with my husband whining in my ear i was able to go for another mile. Thank the Lord my parents in law saw that i wasnt going to be able to keep up with them for the next 11 miles so they graciously turned around and went back to the car with me, yes i felt bad but it had to be done, i could not go on... next day i refused to ride at all i didnt want to get in the way of anyones fun. So i read my book all day.
We came back on sunday night and i was thrilled to be back home! and back on my confort zone.
On the 4th of july, my husband and i went to watch tranformers which i SO recommend and later we went to our friend Leos birthday party where i met up with all of my lovely friends.
That was my weekend folks, now i'm back at work and ready for my next weekend and as for a bike trip, NEVER AGAIN! I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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