Monday, July 11, 2011

Nutella Obsession

My all time favorite chocolate! i get all excited and gooey inside when i talk about nutella. Honestly i have not met one person who has tried nutella and told me that its bad! and if you have never tasted it, man you dont know what your missing.
Now nutella can be consumed in many ways. You can open a container of nutella and just eat it with a spoon. (Thats my favorite way)

But there is just so many desert Recipes to make with nutella, so you can just get a little creative and trust me, whatever you add nutella to, it will taste awesome
You can make nutella meringue recipe here

You can also make nutella pots de creme

Nutella also tastes amazing on crepes.

There is probably a million things you can make with nutella, i only showed you a few of my favorite recipes. Now nutella comes in many ways...

If there is no nutella where you live, i found a recipe of homemade nutella. Of course it wont taste the same BUT its better then nothing.



  1. stop it! You are a bad influence. I am on a health kick at the moment and these pics have made me crave NOTHING BUT NUTELLA!

  2. hahaha.. Yeah can you believe i was putting up this post while eating an apple. I wanted to throw that somewhere extremely far and grab my nutella. But unfortunately im also on a health kick :(

  3. Oh dear, I think I may pass out from over-stimulation. That pots de creme will be mine! I'm pinning it. The syringe is friggin' hilarious!

  4. I love you, what about a triple nutella sandwich? (with extra nutella, of course)


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