Friday, July 22, 2011

A little place called home

When i blogged about posting some pictures of my current apartment i kind of regretted afterwards. It's just that i LOVE interior design and honestly my apartment lacks some style, but thats what lack of money and time does. PLUS my husband who was NOT helpful at all when we moved in here didnt make the situation any better either. he kept saying "we are renting this apartment, whats the point of painting the walls and making wholes in it if its not ours. Why do we need to do the work twice? when its our place we can spend all the money in the world to decorate it just how you want it... blah blah blah." Yeah i know he makes some sense. But we lived here for 2 years, and i cant remember taking not even 1 picture of it. So im happy i took these and i can remember the good old days when we had no money to buy anything :)

My tiny little bathroom :) This wall has all the pictures from our wedding and hubbies guitars, unfortunately we have no where else to put them. 
That table was given to us by my inlaws. I am Oh so grateful for it, i just wish i liked it :/  OHH and let me introduce you to on more member of my family, Timmy also known as "the green" hes our bird. We bought him the first week of being married, so he's been accompanying us from the beginning of our married life. He has watched us grow in every aspect. Financially, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I must confess, at first i hated the bird. But now, our life wouldn't be the same without him. One thing i still dont like, is how he's in the middle of my dining room!


  1. I think it's cute and homey. I can't imagine living someplace, rental or not, and not decorating. Men are so clueless.

    Love the bird! :o)

  2. Oh i know! i said no way am i living somewhere for 2 years and not trying to make it seem like home. Men are clueless geez!!

    Thank you :)


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