Sunday, July 24, 2011

Go shopping

Hanging out with my friends today. Went to the mall, had lunch. It's funny how when your not planning on buying anything you end up being the only one who comes out with your hands full.

My friends are in a singing group called "Vocal 7" and they will be having a show in our church Saturday night. I'm pretty sure they will show it live on the website. But I'll check on that and let you all know. So today we went to buy an outit for the girls to wear. We traveled 40 mins to the Wellington Mall and they found NOTHING! in the other hand I got  jeans, Leggings, and flip-flops. Hehe :]

Shopping is like therapy. It always makes us feel a little better!


  1. I agree . . . I didn't used to think so, I THOUGHT that I hated having to deal with annoying sales people, etc, but if I've had a bad day, and i buy something I either need/want . . . I instantly feel better! It's great! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    xoxo, Maryam

  2. I follow you dear!Follow me back!


  3. Hey there! Thanks for the sweet comment on my one-month-anniversary blog post! I really appreciate it! And I totally love your blog! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts :)



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