Thursday, July 7, 2011

My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard!

Sorry, sorry i know the "ill post the pictures tomorrow" thing never happened. But let me tell you this. I have not seen my husband since tuesday! yes its Thursday and i havent seen my husband since tuesday! thats how busy i have been, and thats because im only taking 1 class this summer, when the fall comes i will be taking 3 classes (anatomy&physiology, lab, and a math class) and work a full time job. Prayer, Prayer, Prayer, thats what i'll need.

Yesterday we had girls night at my friend Delfina's house. We usually have it on Thursday but she's due to have the baby either today or tomorrow, I'm so excited to finally meet baby Delfina Luna!
So Delfina bought an icecream machine (i want one so bad!!)  it looks exactly like the one here ->
let me start off telling you that the bowl is suppose to freeze for at least 16 hrs in the freezer before we make icecream, but we only left it in the freezer for 3HRS we were so excited, even though we only left it for 3 hrs we were sure it was going to work. It says the ice cream will be ready in 20 mins. So 20 mins go by and nothing, we add 10 more minutes and nothing. We ended up using her frozen bananas and making a shake. Honestly, it was the BEST shake i have ever had! sooo gooddd!!!!

Daily Finds:  You know when your plucking your eyebrows and you take 1 wrong hair out and it messes up your whole eyebrow? well i have recently done that. I got so excited when i saw this tutorial i cant wait until my eyebrows grow back out so i can use this.

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